Trick-Or-Treating on the West Side

Once again we had a blast trick-or-treating in Carson City, in the historic district surrounding the Governor’s Mansion. My mother-in-law said it was too crowded for her, but I like going down there, with the endless throngs of people parading up and down Mountain Street. The decorations are the best you’re going to find anywhere in town, the Governor’s Mansion itself is all lit up, and there’s a party atmosphere across the whole neighborhood. Going trick-or-treating anywhere else would just seem too boring and lifeless.

So sit back and enjoy this photo journey through Halloween 2007, West Side style.

The former Mt Cyanide Hospital was transformed this year into the School For Ghouls.

A merry bunch of trick-or-treaters.

The Governor’s Mansion is the heart of the festivities. It always attracts the biggest crowds, most of them there to trick-or-treat with the actual Governor. There is also live music playing to entertain the throngs, and keep the atmosphere lively.

This is Governor Gibbons’ first year in the mansion, and he stood on the porch taking pictures just like Governor Kenny used to do. But I noticed the line to meet him was a lot smaller this year than it had been in the past. Sucks to have low approval ratings.

The band played on.

Dave Morgan was spotted, filming video to be used on

I love the colors you get at Halloween. Everything is purple and yellow and green and orange.

Watch for killer clowns dropping from trees.

This mad scientist was experimenting on his latest “patient”.

Even the dogs got into the Halloween spirit.

They’re not bad guys, they just want to roast some marshmallows.

Jack Skellington, all eight feet of him, made a brief appearance.

This band of pirates never got to enjoy their treasure.

Gateway to Hell? Certainly, sir. Right through here.

To see all of my Halloween pictures (including some of the kids) just follow this link to Flickr.


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