Winter Chaos

Sounds like this latest snowstorm is bringing chaos everywhere. There hasn’t even been a lot of snow to come out of this storm yet, I measured about 4-5 inches in Carson City and less than one at my house in the Carson Valley. But it’s the wind, as usual, that’s making everything so much worse. Whiteout conditions are happening all over the valley, as freshly fallen powder is being lifted like dust and blown around in huge clouds. The Record Courier has some reporting on the chaos happening in the Carson Valley, including head-on collision, cars running off the road, and even toppled power lines. The last incident sounds like it’s the worst, with power lines coming down along Muller Lane and even draping across Hwy 395, causing the highway to be closed. So there’s power outages, road closures, accidents aplenty, and roving clouds of blowing snow. Sounds like a perfect day to stay home! I was making fun of Douglas for closing the schools today, based on the paltry snowfall at my house, but maybe it was a good idea after all.

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