New Blog – Reno Wire

There’s another new blog in the Reno area, Reno Wire by Jim Scripps. It just got started this month, so there’s not a lot of content yet, but we’ll have to keep an eye on it.

It’s amazing how much the Reno blogosphere has exploded in the last couple of years. When I started this site in 2005, I had to really scrape and scramble to put together a list of “Northern Nevada Bloggers”. I had been doing it at my (now all-but-dead) personal site for several years, and I knew of a couple others in the area, but really the list was very slim when I first started it. But one day something clicked, and it seemed like every week, every day, there were new blogs sprouting up, mostly in Reno. Now, it’s all going so fast that there’s no way I could ever hope to keep up. So my list should be looked at as just a slice of what’s really out there. NevadaBlogs is doing a better job, but even that isn’t complete. It can’t be complete, not with the explosion that’s been going on in the “Sierra-o-sphere” (coined by Yukon Sully, back when his blog was still alive).

So, I actually think it’s great. It’s great when there are so many blogs that nobody can keep track of them or read them all. That’s the way things should be. At least it’s that way in Reno; we’ve got to work on Carson City next.


  1. Is that the same Jim Scripps who used to work for the Nevada Appeal and then the Tahoe Daily Tribune as managing editor? And isn’t he related to the Scripps newspaper family? And what is he doing now (besides blogging)?

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