Grand Sierra Cinema

I missed this item about the Reno Hilton’s old Keystone II movie theater being reopened as the Grand Sierra Cinema. Pretty cool news, even though I’m probably dating myself by mentioning that I saw the first Austin Powers movie there. And the awesome “The City of Lost Children

They’re showing second-run, budget movies, which is great because as far as I know, Reno hasn’t had one of those theaters since the Greenbrae 8 shut down years ago. Prices have jumped from $1.50 to $3 in the intervening years, but I guess that goes right along with the price increase for first-run movies. It’s something Carson’s been missing for a long time too. Maybe when the Fandango Theater opens, the Northgate Cinema will be forced to go discount because nobody will want to pay full-price to sit in those shoebox theaters.


  1. I actually used to work at that craphole, before I moved over to Wal-Mart, and once Fandango is open, Hollywood Northgate Theaters 10 will indeed go as a Second Run Theatre. Ill be happy to see them close down. The Issue is you’ll still keep a crappy theater, with an even messier floor, in disrepair.

    To any of my ex-coworkers who might be reading this:


  2. Way to go Grand Sierra Cinemas! Paying $3.00 for seeing a movie in new seats and digital equipment is worth it to me. I don’t know of any discount movie places that have new stuff, not even their candy is new ha ha!! It is usually the old craphole theatres like Edd mentioned that have the discount prices. Grand Sierra Cinemas is a first in discount movies, maybe the other guys should follow their lead. Why go anywhere else to pay more for less? Thank you Grand Sierra for making movies clean and affordable again.

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