Halloween Moved to October 30th in 2009

Back in the “old days” (the 90s), Halloween in Carson City was always a weird thing. Because Nevada Day was celebrated on October 31 every year back then, Halloween was always moved to October 30 so the two holidays didn’t collide. Then about 10 years ago the legislature decided to shuffle the holidays around, placing Nevada Day on the last Saturday of October and creating a three-day weekend. This got Nevada Day out of the way so that Halloween could go back to being on the 31st again, like the rest of the country.

But what happens when the last Saturday in October just happens to be the 31st? That’s a problem we’re running into for the first time in the year 2009. So the Board of Supervisors has looked into it and decided that Halloween should be moved back to the 30th, just for this one year only. So mark your calendars now so you don’t forget.

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