1. I have always wanted to ride around the lake but it has been the traffic and narrow shoulder that has scared me off- not the hills!

  2. During the summer months the Lake is a popular spot. If you are planning a vacation to the Tahoe area make sure you bring your bike because there are some great rides in the area.

    The ride around the Lake is an absolute must.The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. The nice thing about this ride is you can start from anywhere along the lake and do the ride in either direction.

    Though there are some very tight sections along the ride with not much of a bike lane so you really need to be careful. If you start really early you can avoid the traffic. My wife and I just did the loop and started around 6 AM from the Kings Beach area. We did the ride counter-clock wise and had a terrific time. The traffic was heavy in and around the Tahoe City area so be careful.

    Brian R. Callahan
    Carson City, Nevada

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