Casino Fandango Building Movie Theater

Favio the fish is really giving Jethro a run for his money now. In addition to the hotel and shopping center that they announced in November, the Casino Fandango has now unveiled plans to open a 10-screen movie theater in the spring of 2007. This theater is the final piece of the expansion puzzle, the “mystery venue” that they alluded to in November but couldn’t comment on. The complex will sit on the land the Fandango purchased to the west of Curry Street, and it will be operated by Galaxy Theaters.

This is exciting, because it’s about time a new movie theater opened in Carson City. There’s only one other theater in town now, the Wallace Northgate 10 at the north end of town. All the other theaters around Carson, like the Frontier Theaters on Winnie and the discount cinema out by Scolari’s, closed years ago, leaving us with just one option. Jethro has been talking about building a movie theater inside his Beverly Hillbillies Casino, but all he does is talk. Now the Fandango is the one who’s actually going to do it.

Along with the movie theater they’re also going to build a pedestrian bridge across Curry Street, so you don’t have to dodge traffic to get back and forth between the casino, the theater, and the various parking lots on the property. Presumably this bridge will be used to get to the hotel when it opens too. But there haven’t been any firm plans for the hotel or the shopping center yet. Just the movie theater, which will break ground in July and be open by May 2007, just in time for Spiderman 3 and Harry Potter 5.

Poor Jethro’s never going to be able to compete. Not right across the street from this.


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