1. The First United Methodist Church at 200 North Division Street, a substantial stone church of the mid-nineteenth century with well-executed Gothic Revival details, serves a congregation which is the oldest of its denomination in the State of Nevada and this church is known as “The Cradle of Nevada Methodism.”

    This edifice was erected in 1865 at a cost of $10,000. Reverend Warren Nims, the first pastor, hauled the rock used in the construction of his church with a two horse lumber wagon from the quarry at the Nevada State Prison where the prisoners cut the rock to his specifications. Pastor Nims also laid the materials himself and thus may be considered the the architect, the mason, the teamster, and the pastor to his flock.

    In 1948, a stone entrance porch installed in 1909 was removed and the tower was altered to its current appearance. Among one of the earlier members was H.G. Blaisdell, First elected Governor of the State of Nevada, who in 1869 paid the $1500 remaining debt on the church building and grounds

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