Ormsby House Update

I’ve been getting a lot of requests about what’s going on with the Ormsby House. And the fact is that I haven’t been saying anything about it lately because there hasn’t been anything to say. For the last couple of years there has a been a steady trickle of workers going in and out of the front doors. Electricians and plumbers, concrete workers, one or two at a time, on a steady schedule to have the place open in another 15 years. But for the last few months there’s been nothing. So maybe they got burned out after the breakneck pace they’ve been keeping, but it sure looks like they’re taking a break on the construction.

So I really have no idea what’s happening. I didn’t think they could work any slower on the Ormsby House, but there you go. There really won’t be any end to this project, and I think we all need to get used to it. If we haven’t by now.


  1. About 2 or 3 months ago, I saw a big rig with what looked like, a bunch of sheet rock on it’s bed. So something is going on inside.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for continuing the effort of keeping us updated on the progress of this grand ol dame. I am in Texas and I used to visit the casino fairly regularly with the wife as this was really a nice place to stay, gamble, and take some time off. Sure do wish that they would reopen this jewel of Carson City….I for one miss it. Again, thanks so much for the work you do to keep us updated; there are a lot of us out here that thank you for your efforts !!

  3. Thanks for the update. It looks great from the outside. How hard could it be to finish the casino floor and restaurants? Open them up first, do the hotel rooms last.
    Use the Casino money to help finish the hotel part.

  4. Ormsby House has submitted plans recently and are undergoing a plan review by the many departments in the City. Approval could happen beginning of next month. I had an interior tour in January with one of the architects and it still needs a lot of work. Shoulda took some pictures…

  5. I can’t help thinking that,though it looks great now, it will need renovating again by the time it’s ready to open. I really enjoyed the Ormsby House – back in the day.

  6. is the ormsby house open ?
    is there an entertainment calender ? — interestded in both——— thanks C.N.

  7. CC doest have enough foot traffic to keep the Mint Museum or Railroad Museum open every day, how are they going to sustain this monolith after it has been closed for 20 years. Who will know it is open again?
    (If it ever does)

  8. It was sad to see that the Ormsby House has been closed down for 10 + years!! I used to live in Carson City in the 80’s. My husband and I stayed in the hotel for a night on the fourth floor. I loved the nostalgic Victorian decor. It was beautiful. I hope they stick with the Victorian look as it compliments its history. Hope to see its opening soon. ~~Kathleen Corwin Central Point, OR

  9. You would think they would try and get more investors to get it up and running. Being closed for so many years, surprised the city hasn’t declared it a an eye sore and have it torn down. Seeing a placed closed makes one not to want to go to Carson City. I would make the trip over to see it if it were open, I near Auburn CA and go to Reno allot , but would make the trip to Carson City for that. Hope they get on the ball and as Larry the Cable guy always says “Get Er Done”….thanks

  10. The last time I was in the club in the main building was in the very late eighties. As far as I have seen the place has been vacant since 1991 give or take a year or two. Sad to see the place rot away… Too bad the state just doesn’t buy it and at least let the legislators stay there when they are in session.

    • Since 2000 it’s been closed. So only 12 years, not 20. But it was shuttered from ’93-’95 also, so you could be remembering that. It did reopen with Bob Cashell as manager, and was doing okay business for about 5 years in the late ’90s.

  11. Sounds to me like the city keeps throwing road blocks so Don Lehr will give up,then take over.

  12. Scott, been over a year and I was just checking in to see if any further progress has been made to Ormsby House…Do you have anything to report?

  13. It’s sad to see this. I had the most beautiful couple of days there with my dream girl we were in our 20’s now we are pushing 60. Remember that weekend Deb? I can still see you walking down that Grand stair case into the lobby, you turned some heads that night.

  14. May 16, 1981 we were married on capital steps and whole gang stayed there. Today is 33rd anniversary. O.H. still closed! Maybe by 35th anniversary! My husband and I have remodeled 6 homes since. We could have done the O.H. by now!

  15. Time it took for each of the Egyptian pyramids to be built = 20 years
    Time it took to remodel the Ormsby House = 20 years

  16. Thank you for the update. Our 30th anniversary is coming up and we were hoping it would be open because that is where we stayed when we were married thirty years ago.

  17. Just wanting to find out if there had been any recent word on this Grand Dame of Carson City. I am planning on visiting CC in Sept to visit relatives and was just wondering. Thanks!

    • Another year, nothing to update, too sad. It would be nice for Carson City to have it’s Landmark back, and open

  18. Ormsby House Wikipedia

    As of May 2015, the re-opening date was estimated for December 14, 2015. The building permit expired in April 2015.

  19. The last time I stayed at the Ormsby House was when they were filming the Shooteist. I even played Black Jack with Ron Howard, and he isn’t any better at cards than I am!!

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