More Signs of Life

Just looking at the Ormsby House, you’d think it was an abandoned building. But I watch it enough to know that there is life inside there, just not very much. There should be a crew of a hundred people working on that building, but instead they just have a handful. But you do see trucks parked outside, and the front door open during the day, and even one or two people milling around. So they’re still working on it; it’s just at the rate they’re going it won’t be open until after the freeway, the V&T railroad, and Jethro’s casino are all finished.

But here’s one sign of progress: they’ve been turning on their new sign at night. And a couple of weeks ago I even saw words flashing by on the marquee. So we know there’s an electrician in the house.


  1. I’m finding it hard to respond to this one. Is the handful of people working and the lit sign suppose to make us feel better about it?

  2. Thanks for the update. I am still hoping to live long enough to see her grand opening, as she may be one of those things worth waiting for.

  3. The Ormsby House is so far behind schedule it is hard to see how they can overcome the slow gaming market in general…

  4. Easy…by the time they open the economy will be turned around and we’ll be in another boom, and every other casino in town will have gone under so there will be no competition.

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