Online Nevada Encyclopedia

I was asked in the comments what I thought of the Online Nevada Encyclopedia, a recent project from Nevada Humanities. It was launched some months ago after years of planning and work. I haven’t spent too much time at the site, so I can’t say too much about it. When it first came out my main criticism was that they didn’t go for more of a Wikipedia model, try to make it a vibrant, living record of life in Nevada. Instead they turned to academics and scholars to write static articles, and the result is a good resource, but dry and not very interesting. I guess they’re adding more content, so as it grows it will be more useful, but it’s just that I’ve come to expect more from the web recently, and the site is a bit of a letdown. Hard to get excited about. Maybe I’ll come around as I spend more time with it.

In the same comment I was asked about the progress of my book. The book, along with the Then and Now articles it’s based on, is still on the burner, simmering under the weight of real life and the other projects I’m juggling. One day I hope to get out of this slump I’m in and really get cooking on some of this stuff.

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