City Cafe Bakery Closed

Carson Now and the Nevada Appeal report on the closing of the City Cafe Bakery. This sandwich shop was located at 701 S. Carson Street, across from the Ormsby House. It’s kind of sad to see it closed because they always had good food, but we never went as much as we should have. The article reports that the cafe tried to find new owners recently, but the rent went up on the building (which also had new owners) and the interested parties backed out. So now the space is closed, and the equipment is being moved out.

As far back as my memory goes, this building has always been here. But I found these pictures that show that it wasn’t around in the 1970s. There was actually a wedding chapel on that corner. So I don’t know the exact date this building was built.


  1. I remember Swensons now that you bring it up. Those were the days that I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening around town.

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