Historic Photos

Someone’s been awesomely posting old black and white historic photos of Carson City to the photo database this week. This is great stuff. I’ve seen most of these, but I haven’t put any of them up online myself yet. And there’s even a few in there that are new to me.

If you get some time, go over to the Photos page and check them out. This just spurs me on even more to get working on the Online Historic Photo Archive I’ve been wanting to build, where I would just take every old picture I’ve ever found of the area and dump them all online. It’s something I really want to do, but the amount of work it would take to get there is daunting. Plus real life keeps getting in the way, Plus I’ve been in a massive creative slump lately (like you haven’t noticed), so it’s tough to take on a project this big. But I’ve found some really awesome V&T photos in the library, and that’s wanted me to start up working on the Then And Now articles again, and now this anonymous person is doing some of the work for me, and it seems like maybe all the signs are there and I just need to get busy and get it done.

Never underestimate my capacity for procrastination, though. I’ve been too busy taking pictures of cows.


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