Saying No to Jethro

So I finally found a negative opinion about Jethro’s plan to build his casino in Douglas County, but it didn’t come from residents, or county commissioners, or even his competitors at the Carson Valley Inn. It came from another developer, Big George Ventures, who is planning on building 360 houses right next to where Jethro announced his casino will go. having a casino right next door doesn’t mesh well with their plans.

“We’re trying to build a unique development where people can meet their neighbors,” [Robbe] Lehmann said. “That won’t work if people have to look at two hotel towers hovering over them.”

The property was purchased with the area’s commercial zoning in mind, but a casino at that location will significantly reduce the property values, Lehmann said.

“The land was supposed to be used for stores, not a casino,” he said.


  1. I think it’s a bad idea for Douglas County. Douglas County is renowned for it’s pristine scenery. We have the valley, the moutains, the lake… Downtown Minden and Gardnerville do a good job at blending in with the surroundings. An extravagant Hillbilly Mansion is tacky, will just be an eyesore, and has nothing to do with Nevada’s heritage.

  2. Yeah, that’s all true. But the thing about this latest location is that it’s not in the Carson Valley. It’s in that same weird grey area that Wal*Mart and Best Buy occupy, where it’s really a part of Carson City, but because an accident of history, the county line was drawn at the bottom of the hill, not at the top. So while Douglas County gets all the tax money and those advantages from the casino, everybody thinks of it as part of “Carson City”, and it’s never associated with the Valley. I don’t see any drawbacks to it.

    Of course this is all just an academic exercise at this point. I don’t believe for a minute it’s actually going to get built, here or anywhere.

  3. Looking at the comments you linked to, it appears that some folks are excited about its arrival. Having lived here all my life, it just seems weird to me. I guess times change though. I’m just sad to see all the open space being built on.

    This morning I looked at the area where I imagine it will be built. It looks like it’ll take a lot of excavation!

    Is there an interesting story about the drawing of the county line?

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