Curry Street Construction

All summer there’s been a lot of work happening on Curry Street. Not only are they putting the finishing touches on the new building at 308 N. Curry, they have also been tearing up the street to put in new utilities and sidewalks. Much as they did on Carson Street a couple of years ago, they have been reworking the stretch of Curry from Musser to Robinson to make it friendlier to pedestrians, and just all-around better looking. Let’s take a look at their progress.

The need was not as great on Curry Street as it was on Carson Street to rethink the roadway. This stretch of Curry is already a one-way street, and not really used by people who are just passing through like Carson Street is. But the utilities were in need of replacing, and the street badly in need of repaving, so those two were already on the list. They realized that everything was going to be torn up anyway, and so the additional cost of also redoing the sidewalks was worth it to refresh this part of town.

Here at the corner of Musser and Curry, the bulbouts are basically all finished. They have used the same design as on Carson Street, with large brick areas at each corner.

For this project they started at the south and worked their way north, so everything at this end of the street is just about done, and things get less done as you go north.

The sidewalks aren’t noticeably wider on every part of the street, because they did try to preserve as much of the on-street parking as they could.

But in some areas there is a huge difference in the new sidewalk, like here along the east side of Curry.

At Proctor Street the bricks have not been laid down yet.

But all the concrete has been poured.

The old planters were removed from along the street, and the trees that were inside with them. New planters have been created that match the ones from Carson Street, and I’m betting that we’ll see new trees planted here eventually.

Towards Telegraph Street, less progress has been made. Large sections of the sidewalk are still unfinished, and even some of the new planters are not done yet.

This intersection was designated “Telegraph Square” almost 20 years ago, and planters put in at each corner back then. Those old planters were ripped out and shiny new ones are being built in their place.

Looking north from Telegraph, there is still much more work to be done.

They have barely poured the curbs and gutters here, much less the sidewalks.

This new planter at Telegraph was still curing inside its forms.

And this one didn’t have concrete poured yet, though it looked ready for it.

While the road work has been going on, they have still been doing construction on 308 N. Curry.

The exterior of the building is all done, and the scaffolding and fences have come down along the Curry Street side.

Not all the sidewalks here are finished yet, but the walkway along the building is open to foot traffic now.

A peek inside shows that the interior still needs much work. They are scheduled to open two restaurants on the ground floor of this building by Nevada Day, so they have a lot to do if they want to keep that schedule!

The Martin Hotel is a highly-rated Basque restaurant in Winnemucca. They are making their foray into Western Nevada with a new location in Carson City.

The Squeeze In is a popular breakfast restaurant in Truckee, that also has locations around California and Nevada. This location in Carson City will be their 9th.

The new building has a raised walkway along its east side, with steps down to the new sidewalk.

This space at the south end of the building seems well-suited for patio dining for the Martin.

Both the building and the new street and sidewalks are supposed to be finished by Nevada Day. As of this writing that is 4 and a half weeks away. It’s going to be a race against time! Stay tuned!

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