Building Demolished/Wood For Sale

There’s kind of a bizarre piece in the paper today about an Army sergeant who needs to get rid of his wood (hey, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter). It seems he tore down the old apartment/motel at the corner of Nevada and Fourth Streets, and instead of chucking all the lumber into the landfill like most demolition crews seem to do, he kept it to be reused. As far as I can tell, the article is probably talking about this place, which I saw them tearing down just a couple of weeks ago.

2007-04-19 002

According to the article, this place was called the “Carson House” and “Pepper’s Patio Motel”. It was one of those buildings you never really paid any attention to, even though you probably drove by it all the time. I remember it being kind of a junky, low-rent apartment complex. I think I knew someone who lived there, once. If the article is right, and the buildings really did date back to the 1870s, then it was a historic place that should have been given more attention. Looking at these pictures, though, I have my doubts that any of this was original.

2007-04-19 011

Apparently Carson City tried to block the demolition and everything. Kind of strange that we’re not hearing about it until now. Either that or it was in the paper previously, and my habit of only reading the front page most days is coming back to haunt me. Oh well, it’s gone now, and it doesn’t seem like much of a loss. These pictures show that it definitely wasn’t anything worth saving.

2007-04-19 005

Now the sergeant has gone back to Iraq, and his wife is looking for takers for the wood, which is being stored in Stagecoach. Should you want any of it, you can contact her at (775) 577-4398.

No word what’s going to happen to the property now that it’s been cleared off. It’s owned by Kurt Brown of Capital Beverages.

2007-05-05 018

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