Ormsby House Renovation Photos – March, 2005

The sun rose on a March morning full of promise. Temperatures were rising, and just as the trees were sprouting blossoms all over, the Ormsby House sprouted workers on its scaffolding.

Here is the Ormsby House at the beginning of the month. Mostly the same as it appeared in February, but with one small difference.

Here on the bridge you can see the new decorative modillions they installed under the eaves. Yes, they’re called modillions. I looked it up.

In this closeup of the bridge you can see them better. These are the same curved modillions they installed at the very tippy top of the hotel tower. Now they’re putting them on the casino and the bridge to the parking garage.

In the front of the casino you can see the modillions along the roofline.

Ditto here.

In this closeup you can see where they started repairing the damage that had been done during the cold weather. Here’s the before picture, taken last month.

Along the north side of the casino the modillions showed up as well. You can also see the wall in a couple of different stages, both grey and white-with-grey-dots.

Uh-oh! Carson City got a wintery suprise on March 20th. Winter had one last hurrah to get out, and it did it on the first day of spring.

The snow melted within a couple of days, and everyone was able to get back to work quickly.

Under the portecochere you can see the progress on the front door. They’re going with this archway that echoes the arches in the portecochere itself. Right now the walls are yellow, with a bit of blue around the edges…

But now they’re blue with some grey around the edges. Each of these walls has at least four or five layers.

Here’s a closeup of the modillions on the front of the casino.

And here’s the second floor, with all the damage from last month patched up and the grey dots spreading across the wall surface.

The modillions marched along the length of the bridge, and onto the casino itself.

Here’s the inside curve of the bridge, as seen from the parking garage. The modillions are there, but no work has been done inside yet. They’re probably waiting for windows to be installed first.

By the end of the month, the second story had been covered with a coating of grey plaster. I think this is the last step before the final wall surface gets applied. So the casino should start to have its true colors shine forth very soon, and this place is going to look even more done.

See you next month!

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