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There’s another new website to keep an eye on. The Carsonist is a site I found out about just the other night, when I met Jens Peermann who runs it. There’s a lot of interesting stuff there, mostly posts about events he goes to and galleries of his photography. He has a post up now about the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony that I went to the other night, with plenty of photos from the event. He also has interviews with local artists, an event calendar, and even a page with updated gas prices.

I love to see all these websites popping up about Carson City. When I started this over five years ago, I felt like I was doing it all by myself; there were hardly any bloggers in the area, let alone any actually writing about what was going on around town. Now there are a lot more independent sites like this popping up, and I love it. It kind of takes the pressure off of me to post about every single thing that happens around town. Now I can watch all these other sites instead, and just point to the interesting stuff on my Twitter feed. (You are following the Twitter feed, right?) It also builds up a vibrant community online around Carson City. I’ve been talking and thinking about hyperlocal blogging for years and years now, and I’ve seen other cities really latch onto the idea, but now even Carson City is getting into it. So I’m excited to see where The Carsonist goes in the future.

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  1. Thanks Scott,

    It was a pleasure to meet you last Thursday and I am thrilled that you like my site and wrote this nice review about the new kid on the block (blog?). I am looking forward to being a useful contributor for the construction and maintenance of Carson City’s Information Freeway.


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