Christmas Lights

Looks like Carson Now is running a Christmas light contest, showcasing some of the displays around town. First prize is a $100 gift certificate to Ti Amo at the Fandango, so there’s some incentive, and it looks like the contest is still open for nominations if you have a favorite house, or even your house, that you’d like to submit. Voting has already started though, so houses going in now are at a bit of a disadvantage.

I notice the contest is only open to houses in the Carson City limits. Which is good, because if it was open to the Carson Valley it wouldn’t be a fair contest, because then everybody would be going up against the Nevada Christmas lights in Johnson Lane. I’ve written about this display many times before, of course, and I always tell everybody the same thing. Get out there, because it is awesome. Here’s some video from this year’s show.

The address is 1176 Chaparral Ct, off Stephanie Way in the Carson Valley. Click here for a Google map.


  1. Scott, thanks for the kind words! It seems that everyone else always gets video of the display up before I do…which is good. I tend to not be finished with working on it for the year and end up recording it towards Christmas…which isn’t good. There is still one sequence that I’m working on for the Steel Drum Band at Pau Wau Lu. I hope to have that one running tomorrow night (12/16).

    Also, Scott posted a link to my website ( that has directions, pictures, videos, and details of how it was all put together.

    Merry Christmas!

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