New V&T Blog

A new blog has started, keeping track of the reconstruction progress of the V&T Railroad. But really its focus is keeping track of the shenanigans being pulled by the Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway, the governing body tasked with getting the rails laid. The Commission has made several gaffes, including buying a steam engine before they had any tracks, buying some used passenger cars that need more than a little TLC to get running, then leaving them to rot in the elements, and passing over the Grays, who already run the train in Virginia City, not letting them operate on the new rails.

The author of this new blog seems to want to remain anonymous, so I won’t out who I think is writing it, but if it’s who I’m thinking of he’s long been a fan of the reconstruction effort but a vocal critic of the Commission. Might be some interesting reading if he keeps at it.

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