Jethro's Casino

Max Baer Jr. sat down with USA Today for an interview. In it he mentions that Jethro’s Casino is planned to open in 2010: “Either it will happen or I will die; there’s no stopping me.” Considering the number of obstacles he’s run into, I would say there’s no stopping him. Everyone in town has tried.

I’m not believing anything about opening dates until I see some ground broken, though.


  1. In the beginning I was all for this casino, until I heard this man voice his opinion out loud at the military services of a local military hero Jashua Rodgers at Douglas High School. May as well allowed the West Baptist protesting sicko sisters in to the Rodgers memorial. This man was just as hateful regarding our troops as these people from code pink and the WBC from Kansas. I was sick listening to him and he was not even a friend of the family of this hero. I will spend none of my money at his casino. I hope he enjoys the liberties and freedoms he has been “freely given” by the men and women in our US military, that he spoke so ill of that sad day. DISGUSTING [but free to be!]

  2. Maybe Jethro should partner up with Don and Al and add a flaming oil derrek to the Ormsby House?

    (sorry… groan…)

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