Nevada State Children’s Home Then and Now


This here is one of Carson City’s grand old stone buildings. It is the state orphanage, variously called the Orphan’s Home, Children’s Home, and Sunny Acres. It was built in 1903 to replace the previous orphanage, which had burned down the year before.

The original wooden orphanage in 1885.

The very first orphanage in Nevada was located in Virginia City and operated by the Sisters of Charity. It opened in 1867, but after a couple of years the Legislature decided that taking care of homeless children was the State’s job, so they authorized a State Orphan’s Home to be built in Carson City. Ormsby County donated ten acres on Fifth Street just west of Stewart, which back then (and indeed up until the mid 1900s) was on the outskirts of town.

A large Victorian dormitory (shown above) was built on the site, for a total cost of $8,500. On October 28, 1870, the first child was admitted to the new home. It operated for over 30 years until the fire in 1902.

The new stone orphanage in 1910.

After the fire, the orphans again found themselves homeless, so the Legislature had to act quick to get the Children’s Home rebuilt. This time the orphanage was built out of sandstone blocks quarried from the State Prison, the same blocks that make up the Capitol and several other buildings in town. The cost for the new Children’s Home was $38,000, and it was finished and opened in 1903. This new building was not only fireproof but also much larger, and at any given time dozens of children called it home. The kids were treated well, with warm beds and good food. Townspeople would donate money to the home to buy the children Christmas presents or a day at the movies. They went to city schools, attended church, and held jobs on the farm in the back. And many of them went on to lead successful lives, carrying with them fond memories of their time at the children’s home.

Sunny Acres in the 1950s

During the 40s and 50s the building went through several changes. In 1948 the place was renamed to “Sunny Acres”, which was a more cheerful-sounding name than the State Orphan’s Home. Around the same time there were also structural changes made to the building. The two-story cupola and flagpole were removed, and most of the fireplaces were taken out, probably because the building was remodeled with central heating. But as the 1950s drew to a close, Sunny Acres’ days were already numbered.

A closeup of the cupola.


This is progress, 1960s style. By the mid 20th century, the idea of orphanages was out and the concepts of adoption and foster homes were in. So in 1959 the State voted to shut down the Children’s Home in favor of building single-family cottages where children could live in a small, more intimate setting.

Unfortunately, this decision led to the end of the Sunny Acres building. A huge dormitory had no place in this new philosophy of caring for orphans, and old buildings like this had no place in the Modernist views of the time. Already a plan had gone around (and, thankfully, was shot down) to demolish the State Capitol building in favor of modern office structures. The Arlington Hotel met with the wrecking ball in the 1960s, as well as quite a few other old buildings in town. Preservation just wasn’t a priority back then. So rather than relocating the child services division and finding a new use for this excellent building, they planned to build the “cottages” on the same site.

That’s why in 1963 the Children’s Home was torn down, and this great piece of Carson City architecture lost. Today the original cottonwood trees still outline the spot where it used to stand, but there’s nothing else left.

Boys and Girls Club Gymnasium

Actually, that’s not entirely true. The site is presently filled with a scattered mess of buildings, some of them dating back to the 1960s, and some of more recent vintage. The Division of Child and Family Services is still headquartered here in the cottages, and the Boy and Girls Club of Western Nevada has made their home here in some of the newer buildings. But if you work your way past the cottages, past the Boys and Girls Club, you’ll find this squat building simply marked “Gymnasium”. And even though it may not seem like it, this building is the one link back to the past. This is the one part of Sunny Acres that was not demolished, for whatever reason.

So here in the gymnasium we have the one remnant of the old children’s home that used to sit on the site. And remarkably, it predates even the stone building from 1903. In this picture below of the orphan’s home, looking east from Stewart Street sometime probably in the 1890s, you can see the old wooden orphanage building on the left, and some other farm-type buildings to the right. But on the far right, at the edge of the picture, is something that looks familiar. Yes, it’s the Boy and Girls Club gymnasium, still standing on the same spot a hundred years ago.

State Orphan’s Home when the wooden dormitory was still standing.

How this one building managed to survive fire, politics, and the bad taste of the 60s, I’ll never know. But it’s one reminder that this little part of Carson City has always been dedicated to the children.

And what about the cottages that were so important back in 1963? They are now falling apart and considered “pathetic” by state employees. DCFS is gearing up to vacate the cottages, and after that they’ll be scheduled for demolition themselves.

So much for modernism.


  1. I work for DCFS and will be moving into one of those cottages in a week. Believe me, they should be torn down. 🙂

  2. I lived in one of those cottages, that was called “Cottage Two”, and my cottage parents were Mr. and Mrs. Rex, whom we called “Mom” and “Dad”. I went there in July of 1968, being transferred up from Child Haven in Las Vegas, after a failed stay at St. Jude’s Ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Rex were older at the time I came, and had spent their entire lives there, dating back to the original orphanage buildings. They were unable to have children, and had come there as a young couple from Texas, signing up for what must have been one of the biggest, and longest term, parenting job in history. Their job as parents never ended – and they always took us little ones with them on their vacations too.

    It’s ironic that the Sunny Acres sign lasted such a long, long, time. We had no idea what it meant – we thought it might have something to do with the driving range next door (on the other side of the bowling alley and motor pool garage), or perhaps the cattle grazing in the fields between us and Snake Hill, where sat the prison.

    The front door of Cottage Two lined up directly across the street from J.C. Fremont elementary school, which is now (or was last I visited) a postal annex. We had fabulous flower beds all the way around our home, with a big sunny porch that faced the ball field. Mom (Mrs. Rex) was an osbsesive gardner, and we would drive their little truck out to a sheep ranch every fall, and load up on manure to spread on the garden beds for the following spring. She had one several prizes for these flowers – and we all shared in the glory.

    The side door was off our laundry room, and my bedroom was two windows in. I imagine some state worker sits in that room now and wonders what it was like. It may be hard to believe, but it was home, and I have very fond and warm memories of the wonderful times, including our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, that we would share.

    I remember the gymnasium well. It had some older, and mostly dangerous, metal playsets, including a giant slide, and a spinning merry-go-round type of equipment that had hanging chains with rings on it. Next door to it was our favorite pastime – the bowling alley!

    The Nevada State Childrens Home, and the organization within the State of Nevada, that rescued me as a child is a testament to the good, decent, and loving people of Nevada.

    God bless you all – and thank you.

    Michael Corrieri

    • hi michael, i remember you, i was in #4 with the hennens. 68/75 i do have a few good memories and some not so good. i dated a young man from stewart indian school, Luke Williams and he use to come play music in the rec room so we could have dances. I had a horse and i would ride in all the parades in town. i hope your doing good , god bless you and your family. feel free to write me any time. you can find me on fb under mia green, or take care.

    • Hello. I was in cottage 5. Vicky Schliem Conaway. The Osbourne were my cottage parents. I rember the Rexes. Was there from 71-74

  3. I am Kenneth Mackie, I also lived at the home from about1964 till about 1976 along with my brother Herbert, I stayed in every cottage at least once I remeber mom and dad rex. My last cottage parents were mom and dad Head. I wasnt a very good kid and looking back every one teally tried to help me but I didnt listen very well. I would like to find everyone and put together a reunion of the rest of our brothers and sisters we all grew up with. They were all my brothers and sisters and I would like to know how every one turned out. Anyone is welcome to e-mail me at any time e-mail address is Iwould realy like to hear from everyone.

  4. My name is Brent McAllister. I lived in, if I recall correctly, cottage 1. I was there from 84 to 86. The cottage parents were mom and dad Wilhelm. Over all I enjoyed my time at the home. I wasnt really a bad kid, but I did have my share of grounds restrictions. I remember alot of my brothers and sisters that were there and would really love to hear from them. My email address is, feel free to email me and let me know what you are up to these days.

  5. I was at the Carson City children’s home from 1973-1975. I was the vicitm of quite alot of abuse in my home so the juvenile authorities placed me at the children’s home to live. I was a big troublemaker there, always running away and stealing to get money and food. Most of the time in those days I got beat up by the older kids. Anyway, I was in two of the houses for boys. These days, God has blessed me and taken my difficult past and raised me up to have one of the most impactive ministries and Christian news services in California. I have found that most of us that have had troubled childhoods, like most of the kids at the home had, end up being the most effective ministers once God gets ahold of us.

    I hope and pray that everyone from the 1970s is doing well and I pray that all of the kids currently at the home are in good hands.

    God Bless You,
    James Hartline

    • It has been a long time since I was there. I remember my cottage parents Roy and Genie. I would have to say it would be 1978-1980. I remember kids named Mitch, Larry and Mike. To see where God has brought me through I thank him everyday. Many times I find that I forget where I have been and most of all is (Where am I going?). For us that have come from this life and survived I want to say “PRAISE GOD!!!!”.

  6. My two brothers and I lived at the home from July, 1954 to November, 1956. We were from Elko, NV and had been sent to the home because we were declared by the local judge as “vandals”. I was seven years old when I arrived and it is still hard for me to believe that I could have been so “dangerous” that my bother’s and I should be committed to a state institution. I did discover some years later that the Elko County Sheriff’s office and local child welfare office had determined that our parents were simply too neglectful and irresponsible. We surely were wild Indians which suited us since our mother was a member of the Temoak Band of the Western Shoshones. I do have very fond memories of our time at the home and believe that it helped give me an insight of what life could be like instead of living from hand to mouth like we were accustomed to. I found our time there to be a very positive experience and think of it quite often now that I’m getting older.

  7. I lived at the children’s home from 1964-1973 Do not tear down cottage two without getting Louis Armstrongs Autograph off the wall in cottage two. it is in the small room between the cottage parents room and the laundry room. Yes Micheal it was a girls cottage before a boys. We moved into cottage seven when it got built in summer 1967.

    All the bigger kids were good to me and taught me baseball and football. Still love it today. Its a place where I can go and always remember my children’s home brother who let a girl play with the boys. Oh yeah you taught me well I taught my three boys how to play. Martha Reddick

    • hello martha i remember you and your brother pat, and i hope you are all doing well. we all really went through alot at the home but we did survive. some of us have very deep scars that took a long time to heal, and others came and went with no memories. i was in cottage 4 with the hennens, and then the morrals came in and i got moved to cottage 7, then i left for good i just couldn’t take any more abuse. god bless all my brothers and sisters from the home. i can be reached at if anyone wants to talk.

    • Hey, I remember you! My brother Lee burkey and I were there at the home. Also, our sister Flora. You’ll probably remember when we use to pick some of you girls up late at night when you would sneak out and we would go out to the Carson river and party. If you remember that? I wasn’t at the home at the time, but we were about the same age. Also, I remember your other sisters, as well as Pat and Jim Reddick. So I was just looking at some of the postings of the kids there and thought it was interesting and brought back a lot of memories. I also remember when Louis Armstrong toured the home, but couldn’t play his trumpet because he had something going on with his throat. But if I remember right, he dressed up like Santa Claus fit us kids. Anyway, hope you’re doing well and I wish you the best!

  8. P.S. Does anyone know where that picture went that was hanging in Mr. Aberstari’s office and the new superintendent’s office until 1989. It was a picture of the (girls) in cottage 2 with Louis Armstrong. I was the child on his lap and my sisters were standing off to the side and arould Louis. I would like a copy and the original sent to the Louis Armstrong Archives in Long Island, NY. Thank you!

  9. Hello, I’am looking for someone who knew the Stricker Children, who were placed in Sunny Acres in the 1940’s. There were 5 Children. My husband, Bill, was the youngest of those children and was adopted by Leonard and Dorothy Hackney, of Reno, Nevada. I have been able to obtain birth dates through the County Adoption Services and the numberof children, but little else. Bill was born in 1947, i have no idea when the other chikdren were placed in the home. I would appreiciate any information at all.

    Brenda Hackney

  10. Hello Again,
    January 8th, 2008
    Since I have not received a response from my previous e-mail, I wonder if anyone knows how I might obtain a list of the children place in ” Sunnyacres Children’s Home ? I am really at a dead end here and would love to heqr from anyone who could help find the ” Stricker ” children. As previously stated, these 5 children were at ” Sunnyacres” sometime in the 1940’s through 1947.

    Brenda Hackney

  11. I lived at Sunny Acres from 1961-64. I graduated from CHS while I was there and attended UNR on a scholarship awarded to the graduate from the Home with the highest GPA by the Carson Nugget. I remember rolling green lawns (Dad Trimble or Mr. Patterson mowed them on a riding mower usually with one of the smaller kids hitching a ride), plenty of good food, caring cottage parents and administrators. I had never had a Christmas before or since like the Christmases we had at the home. Nat and Jody Goldman from Las Vegas and others provided major Chistimas gifts such as stereos and clothing. We permitted 3 major requests and usually got all three from Nat and Jody as well as many other things from other generous individuals and groups who also hosted holiday parties. The atmosphere there was so festive during the holidays. The highlight of Christmas Day was a grand banquet in the main dining hall, where all of us gathered with our cottage parents.
    In 1998 the dining hall provided the setting for the reunion of former residents. Richard Little and later John Aberasturi, aided by cottage parents such as the Trimbles, the Pattersons, Mom Sanders, Martha Whitely, Grace Giffen, and Hattie Becker, the seamstress, a blessing on their memories, provided support, direction, inspiration, and, yes, fair discipline, but with affection.
    We had weekly passes to the Carson Theatre and the municipal swimming pool (I never took advantage of the swimming passes, preferring to wash walls in the old building to going to the pool, which was mandatory, for an hour or two every day in the summer because I was too modest to be seen in a bathing suit.)
    I was among the first group of senior girls to move into the
    cottage on Stewart St. with our housemother, Martha Whitely. It was brand new and had state of the art kitchen appliances and a patio where we could barbecue in warm weather. We were able to do our own wash instead of helping in the laundry as we had done upon arrival, and each girl took a turn preparing dinner. Grace Giffen, the relief housemother, took all of us girls who were high school seniors (dressed in nice dresses with hats and white gloves), to the mother-daughter tea sponsored by the DAR of which she was a member.
    There was a bowling alley when we first came.
    Some of us who were separated from siblings found surrogate families there.
    I still have letters from Jody Goldman and Mom (Marguerite) Sanders who was a stickler for good manners.
    I remember my time, my mentors and fellow residents at NSCH with gratitude, nostalgia, and affection. NSCH “Sunny Acres” provided a wholesome sheltering environment for many of us who had been either orphaned, neglected, or abused.
    I was sorry to see it close and felt sad for the children displaced by the closure. When I am in Carson, I still drive by to get a look at the old place. I am happy that the site is still used to benefit kids.

    • Hi Madelyn,

      I remember you well. For your information, or if anyone is interested, I have a photo album of newspaper clippings of the Home. My mobile number is 704.651.6330. If interested, my Facebook page is William C Murry. My best, Bill Murry

      • Bill, you have had an amazing life. I am happy for you. I have a booklet from the State of Nevada (I think it’s an annual report) on the Childrens’ Home in which there is a picture of all of us at camp. You had already left the Home, but your brother John was still there. I am standing next to him in the picture. I have some other newspaper clippings, too.
        I have never wanted to attend a high school reunion. I prefer to remember us all as we were on graduation night, young and beautiful with all of life before us, but I did attend the Children’s Home reunion in 1998. There weren’t many attendees from our generation,but there were a few. I took photos. I wanted to see some of the people who had been little kids when I was there. I used to help Mom Sanders bathe the little girls in the Junior Girls’ cottage, get them ready for church on Sundays, and accompany them to the movies on the weekends. In a way they were a substitute for my little sisters. We attendees also got to look for our names in the big old ledger that used to be kept in the office in the old main building. We were also given the opportunity to aquire our records from our time at the Home from the State Archives. Our psychological profiles done by Dr. Hiler (remember him?) make interesting reading. I am the same person I was at sixteen, just older, less angry, and with a bit more understanding of life. It makes me sad now that she is gone, to realize just how angry I was with my mother then.
        I returned to Reno, attended UNR for awhile, then went to work. I worked at a local hospital for 4 months short of 33 years. I reunited with my dysfunctional family and resumed my position as eldest daughter who tried to help keep my 5 younger siblings on the straight and narrow with varying amounts of success. Two of my baby sisters died young. In 1993 I attended my beloved Italian father on his deathbed. He was 90, but it was one of the greatest losses of my life. He and my mother had divorced when I was 3, but he never let go of us. Taking the Greyhound bus, he visited us on weekends at the Home,sometimes taking us to Virginia City, wrote us weekly letters (I still have them all) and came to meet us anytime the Home brought us to Reno (Papa never learned to drive.) I also attended my mother when she died at age 74 in 1995. It was the cruelty of my stepfather that resulted in our leaving home with the help of our parish priest, and our ultimate placement in the Childrens’ Home.
        I have 195 credits at UNR, but have never taken a degree. I took classes for years after work for the sheer joy of learning. My field was History with a minor in Italian Studies.
        I couldn’t have kids of my own, but I married a man with kids, so I got my kids and grandkids, and now, great-grandkids. I’ve been married for 44 years.
        You have traveled so much. I visited Europe in 1986 but had to return 5 days after I got there because I broke my leg in Amsterdam. In 1987 I returned and was there for six weeks. I finally got to see the land where my Papa was born, even though I never made it to his village.
        Papa had lost contact with his family during WWII when Italians were enemies of the USA. He stopped writing for fear of being considered a traitor to the US. Foreign citizens of enemy nations had to register with the Post Office as enemy aliens and had to register with the government every January until the 1970s. After Papa passed, I posted our surname on the Italian Surname Database. In 2001 I was contacted by the son of his brother’s oldest surviving daughter who now lives in Canada, and 3 years ago by the wife of a second cousin who lives in the village where Papa was born. She and I e-mail each other frequently, and I have met two of my first cousins via Skype. It was great to finally see photos of people in whom I could recognize Papa’s features and ours. He had come here alone at the age of 17 and he had no photos of his family. My cousin in law also sent me a family tree for the Colautti side that goes back to the mid 1700s.
        I suppose in my way, I, too, have had a remarkable life for someone who started in a 2 room house without indoor plumbing.
        I hope John and Kathy, who lived in the same dorm as I, are well.

      • Hello,
        I am looking for anyone that might have remembered my brother and I. I believe we were both there together from early 1960 to at least 1964. My brother’s name is Brian David Mueller and mine is Christianne Mueller. I was an infant when I went in and my brother would have been about 3. I would love some help finding out about my stay, I am hoping to find out something about my mother in the process. I believe my father got me out when he married in 1964. I would have had a half brother and sister there too. There names are Wayne Cramer and Teresa Cramer they would have been about 7 or so. I hope someone reads this, my email address is or my phone number is 602-909-1519.
        Thank you for reading.

    • My Grandfather on my father’s side took in a young man who was living there in the late 50s and was raised like a second son. His name was Jack Christiansen. My grandmother on my mother’s side was a house mom- Martha Whitely. I know she was tough but to her last days, I can attest, she really did love her kids. My nana saw light in every person and lived life as it was handed. Very cool to see the good memories people had…to learn people did feel the love that existed.

      • Cynthia,
        I don’t know if you will ever see this, but I just had to respond to your post:
        Are you Tom’s or Marla’s daughter? I babysat both of them when Marla was a little girl and Tommy was just a baby.I have a Polaroid of Marla from that time. Mom Whitely got me that babysitting job. She was a second mother to me. I remember that she had a little dog, Tinker who was part of the family. Mom Whitely was funny, down-to-earth and someone you could pour your heart out to. She usually had a cigarette dangling from one hand, That was before the awareness of the damage they do to the health. I remember when Wellsley came to visit the two of them sitting at the dining room table having coffee. He was nice, too. Mom had Tuesdays off, and Mom Sanders was the relief housemother. She would comb out the ratted beehive hairstyle I wore with such gentleness that I could take a short nap, which is why I saved that hairstyle for Tuesdays. I felt lucky to have Mom Whitely as one of my influences in the teenage years. You were so lucky to have her for your grandmother.

  12. my name is craig barnhart and i was at nsch from 6/71-12/73.outside of the friends i made the experience was a lonely one.i read some of the posts and i saw one from one of the reddick girls.i want to tell her that i was 9 years old when i came to nsch and was placed in the same cottage as her brother pat.even though he was 6 or 7 years older he didnt mind going out of his way to terrorize and beat me around.i only wish i could have run into him once i became an adult so i could have the profound pleasure of kicking the living shit out of him.i remember he enlisted in the army and that was the last i seen of him.if by now somebody hasnt killed that prick i can only hope he succumbs to a long painful death.

  13. This is some great historical info about the State
    system with the state run foster homes.
    Thnaks to everyone for sharing, and thanks
    to Scott for this fine website…
    I think the state homes were still open when I moved to Carson in 1990. There is plenty of material here for a documentary, sorry to read some of you had a
    hard time there, others seem to have thought
    it was an okay place to live.


  14. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to figure out that I could do this.
    I lived in cottage 5. 1984 – 1985. I was 13 when I first arrived.
    I was picked on in all sorts of ways. Scares that have lasted me a lifetime.
    I once wished everybody ill will. Now I’m more curious than anything. I think people treat others poorly, because they were treated poorly, and/or were never taught how to care or be kind. It’s sad that “we” have to be taught that.
    I now hope everybody has someone to love them, and someone for them to love. Even if it’s a pet. Pet’s are great. God is now my biggest fan. Molding me, to be who He created me to be. God loves me, He cares, He’s gentle. And He’s removing 1 scar at a time, 1 day at a time. A.S.

  15. I too lived at the Northern Nevada State Childrens Home. I went in on my 16th Birthday. I remember being grounded that weekend until Monday morning when I could meet Mr. Aburesturi, and cottage 5 parents Mr. and Mrs Osborne. Hattie Becker was my surrogate cottage mother. I remember Lorna Wardwell, Sue Manning, Sandra Solcume and many others. I became the oldest that summer of June 9, 1974, I stated until June 9, 1976. I made the good behavior list, 7 months before I turned 18. It took me a while to settle down and do the program. I remember fighting with Vicky and her sister, and being disciplined for smoking with Chris Rios who was also from Winnemucca, Nevada along with my self. If anyone wishes to contact me, please do at I just found out about this site and I would like to correspond with other residents.

    • Hi, I was in Cottage 5 1975-1977. Osbournes were the cottage parents. Remember Vicky, Sue, Sandy, Sandra, Laura, and a few others. There were good times in the time spent there. I will never regret being sent there, learned alot and a better person for it.

      • I was at the Northern Nevada Children’s Home from 1964 -1971. I would like to know if anyone would like to have another reunion at Lake Tahoe. This was one of my fondest memories. I and my sister Sarah lived in Cottage five. My sister Laura lived in 4 and Peggy lived in 7. Peggy was a relief cottage parent. If interested please contact me at Thank you Cheryl Lee.

  16. Hi everyone, I had entered a detailed comment but it somehow was deleted? Anyway, it’s nice to see all of the comments. In short, I enjoyed my time at the ‘Home’, especially knowing what my alternative was at the time. There was so much that I initially shared, but disappeared.I now have to rethink my points and post at a later time.

    Take care all.


    • Hi Eugene, It has been along time since we saw each other. Hope you will read this. I want your opinion about another reunion at Lake Tahoe where the home had camped at. I think it would be fun for everyone. Everyone seemed to have a great time there.

      • I fondly remember the trips to Tahoe. I was there in the late 80s and there for quite some time. I kept running away, landing myself in juvi and back to the home I would go. I was Amy Scott back then. Lived in the cottage by the flag pole. I think it was cottage 1 but I’m not sure.

  17. Some of the comments paint a nice picture…Be forever blessed that
    any of you were not in the big home in the 40s…If those walls
    could talk they would weep…Will take those sad times to my grave.
    I harbor no ill will against any one..Am in my 70s and still live
    the daily abuse handed to me daily there…so be it….
    Took me 50 years to come back for a visit….

    • I married a girl from there, Donna Fletcher in 1950. Anyone there at that time? She had a brother Richard and sister Joan. Our wedding reception was held in the old building. My email is Would enjoy hearing from anyone who might remember that. I knew most of the kids there as I spent much time there.


  19. I was trying to keep it positive in my original post, but I know it was not all roses.

    I also received the worst beating of my life there… perhaps deservedly, as I had punched a nun at the Catholic school on the hill, and beaten another child in the classroom to the point of hospitlization with a heavy book! Unquestionably in today’s society the perpetrator of my corporal punishment would’ve been charged with criminal abuse, as I was beaten with a plastic hose to the point of unconsciousness, however, I think Mrs. Rex carefully weighed the options; the most obvious being that should I do this again I would be sent to the reform school in Elko (a big step closer to a life of crime). Personally, I think she made the right choice – I never needed corporal punishment again, and became a well-mannered student.

    I think we all need to recognize that this orphanage was ground-breaking in many ways, and there should be little question of the good that this family-like institution provided for many of us. I think most of us were there because the alternatives were totally unacceptable.

    I have started a website for us (1/5/2009 so give it a couple days) at and I will be setting up forums there shortly.

    I look forward to seeing all of you there!

    Michael Corrieri

  20. I setup discussion forums for everybody communicating on this site about their stay or involvement with NSCH.

    The new forums can be accessed here: href=”” title=””>Nevada State Children’s Home Discussion Forums.

    Hopefully this won’t be too hard for most to figure out!



  21. I was a surplus child from las vegas, drunken family sent to carson city.where I was picked on and treated like crap until I learned to be mean, mad dog mean and I stayed that way most of my life, I never let any one close enough to love me. The home was a crap place mr abistary was an asshole
    I ran away and kept on running, been running ever since

  22. Hello everyone: Although my stay at Cottage was a rather short stay 2 years from 72 – 74…. It blesses me that those who did stay there are reaching out. Although no one ever knew what terrible things were going on at home except maybe the state . I made for the first time in my life “friends”. I actually was able to eat 3 times a day… and although Mom and Dad Head were not always the easiest to get along with…. i will remember them until the day i die.. Ken mackie i remember you and your brother Herbie, Steve Pope, Tim Jacobson, Kevin Opatz ,I especially remember Jennifer Zuniga, Mitch Tobey, Frieda Hooks and her Sister Tonya, I remember the Rex’s,
    I remember the New tennis court and when they made it, the Bowling alley, and i loved playing in the Gym and the outside basketball court. All the good food , and i also remember the incidents that scared me too , the wrestling of boys to the floor , boys too young smoking , and the unbelievable activities that took place between the children….. But in retrospect there wasnt a person there that i didn’t care about and found that as an adult its a part of my life that i treasure… only because i came to find out what it means to really love and be loved.
    My home was filled with violence , beatings with 2x4s mercilessness, Whitenburg Hall was a refuge from that violence , Mom and Dad Head proved that they not only cared for me but every boy there.
    I had my “first” kiss there i played baseball , and football, smear the Queer, went fishing in the carson river, but the reminder of what could lie ahead was down the road at the state prison. I remember it well….
    Everyone in this blog .. we share something in common we were wards of the state , some of us were there when the old building still stood , and some of us were in the cottages.
    but it was a better alternative then ELKO … I am Steven Doherty and anyone who would love to talk e-mail me at

  23. hello my name is ron shure, my brother mike both lived here, does anyone remember the jacksons, the hooks, david heath, the tobeys,the maines,robert king, kevin opatz and his sisters, dave welch , mom and dad head, bodine, brooks, herb mackie, alan norcutt, luis baliotis,mike dowling,jeff conway, i was there in the mid 70s my email is

    • Hey eveyone from the Rex’s cottage. I was there from 73-75. Came from sun valley NV 4 days before my 14th birthday. Room mate was Paul Duran. Had a lot first there and friends and above all good memories. I was told by mrs Rex 1 week after I got there “I KNOW I KNOW EVERYTHING. after I told mrs Rex that a spoon works better than knife for getting jelly out and on your bread. I remember Kate. And John and the relief Mes Becker. Living in Vegas married with children and doing well. Been looking for Paul Duran and David Mains. Give them this email. Thanks.

  24. Dear Ron
    I lived in the cottage with Mom and dad head Allan and i had a fight and of course he won. Kevin and i crossed paths when i was in the Navy , i Talked to Frida hooks in 1990 something LOL. or was it 80 …. not to sure but . If i am mistaken correct me but was it Mitch and Vicky Tobey? I had fond memories there and i miss alot of the friends i had there … well it was the only place in my life where at that time i really mattered !! I have Mom (Edith Heads) obit if amyone is interested !
    Suzan Opatz if i am right and they had a little sister too .Kevin told ma a story once about his Dad and how his dad chased him and his sisters around with a hammer and actually hit him in his head. He and i were good friends in the Home. Let me throw a couple more names out there Jay Barber, Ronald noosey i think , Tim Jacobs. Mike Homney Steve Pope <- that poor Kid his mother would come and get him on some weekends and bring him back and he would have one big Fit ... I really felt bad for him .

  25. Hi every one , My Name is Howard Cates, I was raised in the childrens home from September 7, 1947 till about 1956, Also have a brother and sister who lived there. we were some of the children who changed the name to Sunny Acres we all voted it that way, it was to sound better than childrens home. yes, I loved the old place and was sorry they took the old building down , had alot of great times while there, and if punnished, I deserved them . but we were family then and every now and then we will meet again. I went to 1 family reunion at 4 H camp at Lake Tahoe, but the superintendant and his wife Mr and Mrs Vandermission have passed away since then, I sure do miss the family. If some of you read this, would love to hear from you, My e?mail address is To answer some of your Questions about the kids, the state should still have the names and dates they were there.

  26. i am sure i have the right childrens home. My father Donald Clifford was placed here back in the early 1960’s til he graduated from high school in the early part of 1970’s. I know he did attend some college around there in Carson City. But anyways my father past away August 2006 from cancer. Before he passed on he told us that he might have another child out there from a girl that he knew from high school while he was in the childrens home. His last dying wish was for us his children to find out if the girl he dated in high school in fact had a baby. He never got to find out because she moved away. If anyone knows my father and possibly any of the girls he dated then i would appreciate the information. I can be reached at

  27. Hi all not sure if this is the right one…was wondering if anyone rememberd a Mike Oswald,Geroge Oswald , Matt Vukovich or Hillary Oswald I belive they were there in the early 70’s Thanks

  28. Wow, what a trip.Read all the entries and reconized so many names ! First off I need to get it right. The “Rex’s” were mean ,nasty,abusive drunks. I was in cottage two for a couple of years. I got to NNCH in December 73 and Don and Mary Smith were the cottage parents. The Rex’s came back to work in cottage 2 when the Smith’s left. Don died soon after from cancer, I loved them very much. I then went to cottage 3. Carman Tobey and his bro Mitch, me and my brother Dennis Brough, Norman, Danny and Chip and Ricky Jackson. Funny thing though, I haven’t heard from all the girls that were basicly gang raped by 40 messed up boys there. I think back on some of the shit we did and it makes me sick. I remember being beat like a man from the social worker dude named Carter and the dad from cottage 6 Richards for much of nothing. One summer I was out mowing lawns with my buddy Russel Smith, he had a brother named Rod and a sis named Tasha, anyway Russell cut his toe off via the lawn mower, poor guy never could break dance after that. I went to work for the Department of Prisons in 85 and saw way to many homies locked up.That sucked. To all my old runnin partners and my partners in crime, Ken Gande, Tim Alexander, Chip and all the rest of you I salute, most of us survived. I saw an earlier post mentioning Louis Baliotis (Cottage 2 ) He broke all the rules by gittin with the cottage mom Kate Foody. The stories we all could tell. Danny Brough

    • hi daniel i remember you and your brother dennis, i was in cottage 4 and i had a horse. i rode her all over town. and i went with a indian boy from stewart. luke williams. i know all of you went through alot of abuse at the home as did i. Its a terrible thing , we all have to live with so many bad memories and yet we try to find each other on these sites. I wish we could all find a time and place to reunite, the ones that are left. I think it would be great. i just recieved my file and i was shocked to read some of the things they wrote, and the lies they said.any way i just want to say god bless all of us that did survive.

    • Hey Danny it wasn’t Kate Foody it was a relief cottage mom that was there on John and kates day off. Still looking for any of the Mains boys and Paul Duran. Anyone has info for those guys. I am Cottage 2 73-75. Look me up

  29. hello. MY NAME IS FRED ALLEN.
    I have lots of good memories.From being there.All the names, Jerry Witlock,Tom Babcock.Rod Witts.Tess Hobson,Julie Gold,Barbera Winworth, And many others.Iwas there From 1979 to 1981.Left when i was 18.
    1. Story that comes to mind.Mills park right across the street from High school.Tom Bacock , Rod Witts ,couple others and I fred allen.cut class got our hands on some bacardi 151.We sat at the park all afternoon got blitzed .got picked up by police taken back to our cottage. and to this day still remember the punishment.We had to scrub down the bathroom in our cottage with tooth brush.OH what joy. also remember the girl i dated there. Tess Hobson .leona sexton.Well ill be checking back in to read some more stories.thanks for memory lane.
    married now 25 years 3 great kids. loving wife. also 2 grandkids.

  30. Hello.

    My name is Shonda and I lived at NNCH from 76-81 along with my brother Howard and sister Michelle. I smile whenever I think back on our lives then.

    I had wonderful cottage parents. I was an angry little girl and a real challenge. We had the best holidays.

    I remember Lisa, Christine and Tess Hobson, Tina, Margaret and her brother, Annette and her twin sister, Betsy Mason, Kristen Fox, Mom Peggy, Mom Tina and Mom Kelsey.

    I pray life has been kind to all of you. Though it has taken years to emotionally recover from the reasons we were placed in the home I am grateful for the love and kindness given.

    I am a college professor with 4 children and a wonderful husband living here in CA.

    Best wishes to you all.

    • I was there for three months and don’t really know all the names of everyone there. My name is Frank and my brother Fred Allen was in cottage 6. Everyone treated me great and I was the shy kid that just studied and drew pictures all the time.

    • Hi my name is johnna barringer (shinn) me and my little brother donny went there my sister sandy I was in 2 my sister was is 3 and my little brother was in 7

  31. I remember the building! My mom drove me to school on my first day of kindergarten at Freemeont (I believe) the little brown brick school house across the street that is still there! The old rock building was an impressive site … 48 years later I can still see it. What a wonderful post and a beautiful collection of comments! I just had to say thanks for sharing!

  32. I lived there from 1969-1973 – in cottage 5 then 4. The Osbourne’s with Hattie Becker as sub in 5 and the Henson’s in 4 with Mrs. Miller as sub.

    I found this site because I was trying to find out the name of the man who started sponsoring Christmas in about 1971 – I thought his name was Mr. May – and that he was an owner of May Company. When I looked that up – I come up empty. Anyway, what magnificant Christmas’s we had. Harrah’s Casino in Reno sponsored us, and then “Mr. May” started too. Plus the various women’s groups/churchs that would make us scarves/hats, etc. I always tell people how wonderful those holidays were. At least until after the gift opening was over – and many of the kids got to go home or with a relative. “Mr. May” also sponsored a couple of the kids – the Williams kids and then Vicky Tobey I think. I hope that gave them back some advantage and they have been able to be successful.

    Another highlight – our summer trips to the Girl Scount camp at Tahoe. Remember the contests after every meal where we made stuff out of our plates, etc and they gave us huge candy bars when we won? I remember making myself sick eating all that chocolate – taking the bus down the mountain and them having to pull over so I could “visit the side of the road”. Ugh.

    And the annual vacations – it was something to look forward to, and mostly fun. Can’t imagine how those poor hotel staff felt when 70 rowdy kids decended on them.

    FYI – you can get your records – they will send you a copy of whatever they have on file (except court records) – you want to contact the Nevada State Library and Archives, 100 N. Stewart St., Carson City, NV 89701 775-684-3313

    I found my records to be very interesting reading – funny the things that they felt they should record and the things they didn’t. Throwing 10 year old children into jail at the county police station as a discipinary measure never made their documentation – nor did beatings. Opinions were allowed however. Interesting how it works – and how things have turned out.

    I am making a project of collecting stories of children (and staff if they want) – stories of how you got there, what happened while you were there (good and bad) and where you are now. I know that there have to be success stories out there. You can send your stories to: – and Michael, your website isn’t working right now, but when it is,please send me an email – thanks.

  33. I think my Grandmother and her sister might have lived there a while after their mother died of tuberculosis and their father took a new wife who didn’t want his half breeds. This was likely the 1930’s Vivian and Carmen Young. If anyone knew them that would nice to hear from you … I’m trying to trace Grandmas history – she was a native Indian I think her mother was Coast Salish from Vancouver Island. Would be nice to know more. I remember her telling me once after a few drinks, that while she was there the nurse/nun/missionaries would try to scrub the indian out of her. Which I took to mean bath time sucked.

  34. Just wanted to make a comment. I went to school with some of the people that lived at the childrens home. I pulled up this site because I am a school teacher and I was telling my class about the children’s home and how our class president was a kid that lived there. I told them how hard he worked and the good grades he made.I mentioned Madalyn Colautti and how smart, beautiful she was. She had the coolest beehive which we all admired, so I read her letter to my class. What a great example this very successful people are.
    Lynda Dark Phillips

    • Hi, Lynda,
      I remember you. Thanks for your kind words. Your comment on my beehive hairdo brought back a good memory. I always fixed my hair that way on Tuesdays because Mom Sanders was relief in the senior girls’ cottage and she would comb the teasing and the hairspray out for me. She was so gentle I could nap while she was combing. I could not have done it with so little pain.
      I’ll bet you are a great teacher. Drawing lessons from real life experience makes them so much more meaningful.

  35. I was there in the early 70’s, I lived with the Morrells and Mom Miller, big woman she was, but had a loving personality. My best friends was Freida Hooks and Richard Zamarrippa. Does anyone know how I can get hold of these two individuals. In reading the posts, someone talked to Freida in the 90’s. My stay was a wonderful experience. Frank and Grace Morrell were good people, except when I got in trouble, then of course that old style phone book would come out and the door would shut and I knew I was going to get it. My name at that time was Maria Solorio, please feel free to contact me at I would really like to see what happened to those that I spend most of my younger years with.

  36. I decided to post another, looking for Natasha Smith and Russell Smith, they also had another brother I believe his name was Rodney Smith. If anyone out there knows how to get ahold of these three individuals please email me at Thank you and God bless all.

  37. wow its a miracle any of us are functioning adults at all.some of you guys can b.s.your selves all you want into thinking what a wonderfull place the home was, the truth is most of the cottage parents were abusive drunks and the kids were so messed up most of them needed serious help.My heart aches when i think of all the unloved children. children need to be loved.I remember a small boy being held up to a wall by his throat by mr carter..who went to jail for being a wife beater etc. I wish i could turn back time and make it all better for all of you.. but i cant..all i can do is pray for all of you and hope that you all found someone to love you and you now have a safe warm place to call home. shalom..Coby

  38. My name is Jeff Conway. I was in Cottage 1 with Mom and Dad Head starting in November of 75, and ending my “stay” in June of 78 with Dad and Mom Bradford. I found out later that he went to prison for molesting the girls in cottage 5 I think it was. I remember visiting after I had left the Bradford’s at Cottage 5 (or was it 6), and remember noticing then one of the girls sitting on his lap. I thought even then, “this ain’t right.” I had dinner with them, never had a problem with the Bradford’s. The Heads were a little more strict, but as an adult with 4 children myself, I appreciated more what they did, and a lot of the fun times I had there. I remember feeling a lot of shame, and didn’t “feel normal” when I went to the local junior high in Carson, but like I said, overall it was kind of a trip. I was friends with David Heath, Robert King (Bruce Lee Fighting Club!), Jim Nye, Kevin Opatz, Candy Opatz, remember Ernest King, heard he died selling Crack in Vegas. Mitch Tobey, and his bad-ass gold gloves champ brother Carmen, and thier beautiful and nice sister Vickie. How about Shauna Urban, my first, who I heard was found bound in barbed wire, dead in the Nevada desert. Hope it’s not true. Steve McArvey, Joe Adams, Bruce Pochinski, the Jackson brohters, Chip, cool dude. I remember him and Mith Tobey having a couple of nasty fights, they were pretty evenly matched from what I remember. Contact me at:

  39. Its amazing to see all he different stuff that had happened to my fellow residents. I was fortunate enough to have mom and dad Head as cottage parents. I the seventies as we all know child abuse (s) was just getting attention. And the methods used to correct children was also in the midst of change.
    To those who suffered needlessly and had been further abused by the people the state gave you to I am truly sorry , and that should have never taken place.
    But also remember the fellow residence who would break into houses , be disrespectful, out of control and would challenge any kind of authority no matter who they were. I never was beaten , molested , and in fact i had more trouble with “some” of the children trying to tell me to break the law and , a couple of times I did. the only difference was We didn’t get caught.
    History I was being abused at home . My father had 8 children . 6 from his first wife and 3 from his second but two of them died at child birth.
    My “normal” home life consisted of beatings with a 2×4 beyond any of measure of discipline. I was lucky to get 1 pair of pants a year and that was for Christmas, i was so hungry that when i went to school i would grab left over sandwiches out of he trash can that the other kids would throw away. I never knew when i would be getting hit with “the stick” as it was titled or made to sit on the wall .
    Try this: put your back against the wall , slide down it until you are in the sitting position, put your hands straight out . and hold it try 5 min, ten , and keep going until you just cant do it better yet remove the wall. My two older brothers and I were forced to do this for hours on end , and now as an adult to this day i cannot sit Indian style, my knees are damaged as well.
    And the doctors have asked me if I sustained any head injuries when i was a child because that would only explain the reason why in 2005 i had to have surgery on y neck and its now fused together metal plates and screws.
    Although I have forgiven my father for this the memories are just as vivid today as if they had happened yesterday.
    I knew it was wrong because of what little friends came to visit they never were treated hat way. So I started skipping school, and getting in trouble. that finally lead to theft running away, then the final straw was i hopped into a car with an older man and we took a Joy ride to lake Tahoe.
    That year my family celebrated my birthday while i was made to stay in my bedroom. One of my parents back handed me soo much until my nose was bleeding. I sustained damage to my left ear drum after the hand was cupped and the force of the blow punched a hole in my eardrum. I developed an ear infection and was out of school for 2 weeks while i recovered.
    My oldest brother was forced to beat us with the 2×4 when my father got tired or he would get it too. But one day my brother stood up to my father and he was never made to do it again. Mom and Dad Head and did the best they could , they enjoyed the children they watched over, Although some attacked Milton he for the most part knew that the children in there were not there because they had normal homes, some had been abandoned, abused , were one step away from ELKO and the place for girls in Boulder.
    Whittenberg Hall juvi hall was a palace with locked doors for me.
    3 squares plus more a day, TV, I was introduced to Rock and Roll music there . My parents thought that Rock and Roll music was from the devil.
    I remember some one who forced me to the ground and tried to force me to smoke a cigarette,and that same child tried to show me what sex was all about.
    There were times I was afraid of the children more than the cottage parents. I never knew what would tick some one off and they would come after me . I was only 10 .
    There is no excuse for anyone abusing anybody. I never saw nor did Mom and Dad Head abuse anyone … but what I did see was the opposite.
    But i had heard stories about other cottages and how rough it was to live there.
    Mostly though i know that I never wouldve been able to see the worlds fair in 74 or gone to San Diego either with my folks.
    Its Ironic though that i served in the navy in San Diego and i got to see Charlie the tuna “the Beluga whale show” again as it was 5 years earlier. Watched that show get removed and something else put in the 20 years i lived there .
    I had a crush on Jennifer Zuniga too, although she never returned it I though she was he sweetest and most beautiful girl i had ever met.
    I held onto the 1974 junior high school year book until it was stolen with my Navy Uniforms.
    I am glad and fortunate to have survived this long and to have known and been truly loved by another human being enough to dull some of the pain of my child hood.
    But i dont think i wouldve been a better person if i had not gone to the childrens home.
    Because there I knew i was loved by Mom and Dad Head.
    And some times i really do miss the friends i did make there. And I have to make a correction to one of the names i mentioned Mr. Ron Nusse.
    I wish for all my fellow residents that they all find love, peace and a life that has true meaning, happiness beyond what the human heart can contain, but especially healing and understanding, not excuses for the people who have abused , or harmed them in any way.
    Trust me on this one that anger and bitterness will only leave your life on a lonesome and aweful existence until you die.

    Take care and write here i love this page 🙂
    Steven Doherty

  40. Hey Steven D. I remember you like it was yesterday. My bestest of friends was Jenny Zuniga. My name is Maria Solorio, shoot me an email at Have you heard from her? She was a beautiful Indian Girl, one with a big heart.

    I remember the Elder brothers.

  41. hey maria..i remember you… skinny little kid…tough though.. and smart.hope you did well..I was in cottage 7 with Jenny Zuniga, Rhonda Carter, Beverly Stevens, tereasa buyers,tonya and frieda, tina marshall, chris rios, tony sears who got pregnant with danny jackson and a few others the cottage parents were roy and rusty Richard…”mom” was always waisted drunk..My best friends were the Elder Brothers..John and Charles they had a brother Steven who i was told is in a mexican prison for killing a one has heard from him in over 10 years. One day about 25 years ago i saw Beverly stevens down town las vegas..she was a junkie..I heard tereasa buyers disapeared with out a trace..never heard from jenny or Rhonda..i looked for both of them…I found John and charles Elder on my space.. wow did they have a rough time.. drugs prison ect..alive though..We were such close buddies we were like family..home kids were so lonely they formed tight bonds with there good buddies… created there own family sort of… afer not seeing the Elders for over 30 years..i went to visit them.I dont know what i was looking for..a piece of my past or a connection with “family”…I guess life has changed me so much when i saw them and visited for awhile..i realized..this is not me any just goes to show the old saying is true “You cant go home”..while i visited with them they told me Zephas Hooks killed people..Mr.Carter killed his good friend Ricky Humphrys killed himself…I hope there are some good things that happened to some of you..Any success stories? c.lesperance

    • I was there for three months and don’t really know all the names of everyone there. My name is Frank and my brother Fred Allen was in cottage 6. Everyone treated me great and I was the shy kid that just studied and drew pictures all the time.

  42. Hello again.
    I am reading all these post.One question comes to mind.Did these placement homes ever help anybody.
    I mean look at what is being said.Me i was going in and out of homes sense 9 or 10 .1st chasen in arizona .2nd A.P.W in reno . 3rd full circle school for boys in california. and final home CCCH to 1981 .went to jail a few times. then carson city prison for 1 year and a day.And now im 47 married with 3 kids.drug them through hell for 20 plus years.Never provided a stable home for them but do love them very much . Never beat them not the way i was when a child.Just seems to me that anyone went to these homes or placement homes never came out of them a better person.

    Just a thought. fred allen

  43. Hi guys. I found this site while researching about the area the school grounds is on. I saw the fields and thought it might be a good place to go metal detecting because it looked old. I ended up here reading your stories, and it breaks my heart knowing how some of you grew up. I have 2 sons myself, and I couldn’t imagine them going through a fraction of what some of you endured. If I dig up anything sentimental, or with a name on it, I’ll post the info here. God bless all.

  44. In the Pic of Cottage 3 Boys Left to right Danny Jackson,Danny Brough, Ricky Jackson, Chip Jackson and Mitch Tobey. I’m the white boy!

  45. when i lived in cottage 3…there was carmen tobey, mitch tobey… ricky, chip and danny jackson… wadsworth or chadsworth , i forget his first name…norman …mike dowling…and me, ronnie shure. i remember once rickey hit me and took my radio…so, i informed the staff, i think it was hattie becker, she said, what do you want me to do about it…if he hit you, hit him back. i was 13…ricky was 17, and 3 times my size…the staff were not in charge at that time….however,i made it through, today, im a pit boss at a giant casino in las vegas, with a wonderful daughter, and a home of my own…

    • I think it was Norman wadsworth. I had to box him. Because me and Norma were playing like I was beating him up behind 5 near the road and somebody told. So we had to really fight. My name is Louis baliotis and I work for caesars lv

  46. none of the staff were trained to deal with kids.. most of those assholes would be in jail 2day 4 treatn kids the way they did..i remember when the psych would come and i had to see him. by the time i left his office i wanted 2 kill..all he ever did was threaten me..that big rats asshole mr abagutt was only after a job .Mr carter was an abusive s.o.b.who used to beat the shit out of kids and mrs mann.. well she was a big void…i think of all the abuse at that hell hole and my heart starts pumping too fast…the staff were only there to collect a paycheck..i remember when we were on a trip to san diego and the dad from cottage 6 punchd charles elder in the back of the head for not answering him fast enough…some vacation..and a nice way to ground a kid..throw them in the city jail…that does wonders for a kids self asteem..i got in a fight at school once and mr carter had to come to school to get me..he threatened me with jail and i jumped on it.. i begged to go i acted like i was goin to disneyland..i even asked how long do i get to stay.. and he pulld the car over and grabbed me by the throat.and told me if i said 1 more word he was going to break my neck..a nice fond thing to remember from my child hood..did any of you ever here that mr carter eventually killed his family and himself

  47. i remember when you first got there ronnie.. those big guys in your cottage treated you like shit..a slave.. and then you got moved to cottage 1 and i think that 1 guys name was jerry wadsworth

  48. I lived at the Northern Nevada Childrens Home from the end 1989 to the summer of 1991. My name was April Hoeg, my sister Katie and brother Rick also lived there. I lived in cottage 3 the Moores were mom and dad ( I believe Jan and BOB moore). Katie lived in cottage 4 and Rick lived in cottage 5 or 6. My exsperence here was quit pleasant I mean coming from where I came from it was pure happiness. I do not think my brother could say the same and my sister seemed to always be in trouble as I was too but on a smaller level, I was 10 and she was 14, when I first arrived there Katie had been there long before me. I was sent there because I choose to leave my mom again, I had been in foster homes from the age of 5 and tried to live with her again, but it didn’t work she was still was the same person I didn’t even make it with her a year and I called my social worker and begged to be placed somewhere away from her. I remember faces but few names, Skeeter ( I think real name Robert) and John, Danny the girl and mom Peggy who was everyones favorite, I know live in Cali and have a wonerful husband and ! crazy boy who is my world, my mission/purpose in life was to be the mom to him that I never had, I never want him to feel the pain and loneliness I have in the past. My out come was good, I am happy I am also very lucky, to have been given these strugles that I have overcome. Others are less successful and my heart will always feel pain for those.

    • Hi I remember skeeter I was there 89 till they closed I stayed with the Gays I think it was next to the girls cottage I also remember mom Peggy she was so cool! I want to connect with you and my old friends u can call me at 980 309 3710

      • Hi Glenn. Is there any chance that you may remember me? My name was Amy Scott and I lived in, what I think, was cottage 1. The first cottage in front by the flag pole. I was blonde and very socially awkward. I kept running away with my adult boyfriend, Robin Hughes (whom I’ve never heard from again after he blessed me with my oldest daughter) and landing myself in juvi and back again at the home. I can’t remember my cottage parents names but I think I remember the mom having braces and they had a toddler boy. I lived in quite a few different homes and orphanages so my memory is hazy.

      • Hello did you happen to be in that cottage with Neil he was a skater and a kid named Jake or jacob

    • I was there during that time. My memory is hazy. I lived in quite a few different homes and orphanages growing up so I struggle with timeframes sometimes. I was in the front cottage by the flag pole. My name was Amy Scott and I kept running away with my adult boy friend at the time. Any chance you may know me? I was blonde, awkward, loved to sing. My cottage parents had a young son. I believe that my cottage mom had braces. My time there was tumultuous.

    • Hi i’m Jason
      i was there same time as you, in cottage with the Whiteheads( lame)
      That place was a power trip, all the boys in my cottage were difficult. Ee were treated pretty terrible
      only daving grace was trip to Santa Cruz right after thet filmed Lost Boys I helped a girl named Lisa be able to escape the states clutches. I was there at the end, and released on my 18th birthday, interesting to read other kids posts. Cheers Jason
      Youtube JAYSTRAYS

  49. i remember that story…that carter choking a kid, and saying he would break his neck if u said one more word….we did call him mr …i forgot about that.. i remember charles elder telling me that the cottage paret punched him in the head on our vacation…whats ur name ?

  50. high april myname is robert smith and i remember you. you and me were pretty good friends and rick was my hero!!!! your siter katie was dating a skater named neil,she was beatiful i would love to talk to you please feel free 2 email me at robertand

  51. I use to live in the childrens home with Jeff Conway.The Bradfords were the cottage parents.My room mate was Richard Zamaripa.there were good times and bad times.But I made it out thanks to my loving wife.If anyone would like to take a trip down memmorie lane you can e-mail me at

    • Hi JIm-I am Sue Manning, my siblings were Dale, Carl & Jay and my sister Kay. We were at the Childrens Home from 1965 until 1978. I am sorry to say that Dale was killed in a car accident, and Jay died of brain cancer in 2007. It breaks my heart to hear the horror stories being told as I can only remember Mom & Dad Osborne and Hattie Becker as being exceptional people. However, we did end up with the Head’s at the end of my stay and I don’t get why anyone is singing their praises. They made my life a living hell. I hope you all are doing well and hope to hear from some of you.

      • Hello Sue – I remember you and was wondering what ever happened to you and your sister. I would like to hear from you.

        • “Kotie” Squyer! I remember you! 2 girl’s cottages back then…Big Girls & Little Girls! Barbara (Bobbie) Graves & I (Sue McClellan) were both 15, but we were in the Little Girl’s cottage w/you! (I think the Big Girls cottage was full.) Mr & Mrs Bouchard were our cottage parents w/Mom Sanders as Relief, remember? I have been reading these posts & I am amazed. I recall NONE of any physical punishment. Oh, me & Bobbie were on restriction a LOT, but we deserved it. Sneaking out at night, smoking, saying we were going to the movie when we were running around somewhere else. But we were NEVER spanked or bullied or even threatened. Like Madelyn Culotti (sp?) I only have wonderful memories. Cherished memories. Sitting in the living room watching the Beatles capture America…watching Lee Harvey Oswald get shot at the Dallas Police station. Long time ago! Hope you are well, Katie! I still remember your sweet little face! You were maybe 6? 7? Have often wondered what became of redheaded Peggy & Anne. Saw someone mentioned Flora Burkey in the replies earlier. She was the baby of our cottage, remember? I think YOU were next youngest! My email is

      • Hello sue. I am so sorry about your brothers. I was in cottage 5 from 1971-1974. My name was Vicky schliem

    • Sue i knew I had known you from classmates. I just didn’t put 2&2 together . and for that I apologize. Now if I only had a pic of you then lol . I do have one pic of me and Mom and Dad Head I just received a while ago. Your name stands out like I really know you , but not in the way a lotof folks knew each other there 🙂 drop me a drop me a line some trime and we can catch up.

      Steve Doherty

  52. does anyone remember karl kools..kevin opatz..jimmy mckai..Boyd Jenner..Mark Madaris..Jay Manning..Aaron Simms
    Tina Marshall Tonya hooks..Frieda Hooks.. Jenny Zuniga..Mom Ritter..olly mains..jesse wright..paul duran..louie baliotis..allen norcut..John charles and steven elder.. zephis hooks mike dowling erin dowling ronnie nuse robert king .tereasa buyers..rhonda carter.beverly stevans…charlie clark..Ricky humpreys..and last but not least Mr Jay psycho crazed retard spaz booger eatin moron carter.

  53. Hmm.. I just stumbled across this site looking for Lisa and Annette Sims and Tonya Hooks, among others.
    I lived at the home from 1979-1982 in cottage 5. Had the Heads first then it was the Stangles.
    I was absolutely horrible, mean and antagonizing. My stay there was very emotional and memorable…
    My life turned out great. 🙂 I’ve dealt with all my childhood issues and have moved on to be a very happy, positive, outgoing and giving person.
    I remember so many of the names here.
    Check me out on facebook. Use Carson High as a refined search option and only my first name.

  54. E
    Intereting comments former NNCH residents. I resided at the Home from 1961 to 1971, and have many fond memories of growing up there as a adolescent child. While I don’t remember many of the names mentioned, there are others who I recognize prior to my departure in 1971.The Head’s were among many of cottage parents who helped raise me during the span of residency at the Home. Although there is no place like home, the Home for me was a fantastic place to live. I would hope that others who lived at the Home, and run across this webpage, will also add their remarks about life growing up at the Home. Anyway, my congradulations to the person(s) who cleverly developed this site on Facebook. Take care all. Eugene

  55. Eugene, you were a cop in carson city durring the 70s right ? Officer Whitehead…i remember how the cottage 1 parents the heads used to talk about you, they talked about you in great fondness…however , when i was there, it wasnt so great…the inmates ran the asylum…as for the Heads…they were old, burnt out and miserable people that hated their job, and took it out on us.but Im glad your experience there was wonderful, Im willing to bet, out of the 1000s of kids that lived there, there was a handful of kids that liked it, you were one of the five kids…take care

  56. Hello Everyone. I am working on a book and documentary that will include details of the abuse that occurred at the children’s home while I was there from 1973-1975. I am also covering the child molester ring which operated in Carson City at that time. Justice for all the victims, including many of you, will only come with the truth prevailing and future offenses against kids prevented by our stories of survival and courage. You can still make a difference!
    You amy contact me with your information at your convenience.
    God Bless You All,
    James Hartline

  57. Hello friends of the children’s home. I am preparing several publications and a documentary on child abuse which will include how many of the kids at the Carson City home were abused. My life story has already been broadcast internationally and in the national media. I was the victim of several child molesters who came to Carson City in the 1970’s and preyed on kids at the Carson Mall near the children’s home. It is my goal to bring the molesters to justice. If you have stories about being abused or molested during the 1970’s in the Carson City area, please let me I was at the home 1973-1975.
    God Bless You All,
    James Hartline
    You can also view one of my televised appearances on the 700 Club on my testimony by watching it here:

  58. dont rememember you at all james..what color was you your hair? what cottage? who did you hang with? did you know Don Bowers?

  59. I was in the same house with the Tobeys and was beaten up by Patrick Reddick on numerous occassions. Eventually after running away several times they moved me to one of the other houses. Because I kept running away and stealing they sent me to Elko. While at the children’s home I was the victim of a child molestation ring where men picked up boys at the Carson Mall bathroom. I am in the process of documenting all of the abuse and hope to bring justice to this entire situation, as well as a documentary and a platform for all of the kids to have an opportunity to get justice and tell their stories.
    If you recall, the home parents all smoked in the houses and played Yahtzee everyday together while the kids were at school. I went on the annual children’s trip to Cedar City, Utah and the Grand Canyon. We had a dance or two in the gym. My counselor at the home was a woman named Pat who would take me to church at the Methodist Church.
    A recent federal investigation of the Nevada Youth Training Center in Elko reveals great injustices that have occurred against the boys at that institution. This is just one example of the terrible crimes that were committed against us as teens in the state of Nevada:

    It is important that justice is brought against the adult abusers, particularly the child molesters because many of them are still in places of influence in Nevada and could be still hurting other kids. You can contact me with your stories and contact info at

  60. i remember a man had called the home and asked to send over boys to do yard work,but when we got there it was first we worked a little bit then he said he would pay us more to mess around, i was too young and did not understand it

  61. Hello, I want to know if anyone remembers the Feemster children? Barbara,Lonnie and James who where living in the home in the late 40’s early 50’s.If not, I hope someone can give me information on how to find out when they were there and why. They’re my siblings and I don’t understand what was done to them and would like to find out. Thanks for your help in advance

    • Janice – you have probably located your sibling Lonnie Feemster by this time. If not, Google his name and you will find he is a very successful businessman in Sparks and lives in a Spanish Spring, NV. I hope you have been successful in your search. Good luck!

  62. looking for Kevin Opatz him and I and his two sisters Kandy and Desi were in las vegas child Haven together, we were all there for quite awhile then they went up to Carson city. I went up about a month later.kevin was so smart as a kid. He was interested in the Navy. I wonder what happened to him. Ide like to think that he found where he was going and became a real success. Ide like to think that he went out there and made a big splash. Ide like to think that he is happy.

    • Hello Anonymous 🙂
      I tell just a little bit about my brief encounter with Kevin after the children home. I got into a fight over Kandy and put on the gloves lol after that i wasnt to eager to do that again , but i would if i had too lol . Kevin and i were close while i was there we met just the one time after the home in Berkley 1981. and thats been it. i have searched with all the free stuff online but to no avail. But I am sure he’s around.

      Take care and God bless
      Steve Doherty

    • Kevan Opatz, last I heard was residing in Hermiston, Oregon. He actually finished nursing school, became an emergency room RN, but was subsequently caught stealing controlled substances. He refused to go to rehab and lost his license to practice. I think he could genuinely use the support of his former house siblings. Maybe there is a way you could all exorcise the ghosts of the past and move on. He has three children that he has not seen in years and a grand daughtet that he has never met.

    • My name is Kevan and I only happened upon this site a couple of months ago. I have found it to be kind of a unique if not weird blessing. People at large don’t truly understand me when I speak of my time at NNCH and then I happened upon this site. The experiences I had at “the Home” ranged from very good to not so hot. Perhaps the paradox of it all is that I personally don’t hold the memories as horrible. To me it was all part of growing up and believe me, it was a hell of alot better than where I came from to get there. On the blessing side, I have found myself reminiscing old memories of those times, trying to remember who people were and about events etc.
      About myself, yes I did a hitch in the Navy, I’ve been married, divorced and remarried, I’ve graduated college and have three grown children of my own. I now have grand kids. On the downside I am a recovering alcoholic and have lost a career to drug abuse as well. However I am still grateful for what I now have and happy to report to my “brothers and sisters” that I am okay. I any of you wish to contact me (and I hope you do), please e-mail me at Bright blessings to all of you and yours. Kevan
      BTW can anyone advise me of a website or blog, something we can contact each other?

  63. I’m Dave Heath I was in the childrens home in 75, 76 and 77. I know nothing about any abuse or molestation (not saying it didn’t happen). I recognize many of the names mentioned above and would love to hear from ANYONE who remembers me. Contact me at:

  64. i think steven D. mentioned Kevin went to the navy.. i remember when we were kids kevin always did like the military and i heard his little sister Desi was in reno somewhere

    • Yes actually Kevin ran into me when i was awal from the navy for a spell, but i did get my honorable discharge he had indeed himself taken a little vacation form the navy too. It was quite an odd occasion . And that was in 1981 in Berkley California . he and i were sucked into a cult “the Moonies” and when i had had enough of that i returned to the navy did some brigg time and finished my tour with the navy . But i lost all contact of Kevin. Now i spoke to Candy briefly when I moved from Carson to Missouri. She at that time was in St Paul MN. that was about 1976-77. So I would imagine she was with relatives and there are a lot Of Opatzs in Minnesota. Kevin was a really neat kid he and i were close . I liked Candy and i wanted to know her better as a friend though. They did not deserve the treatment they received from their biological family, but i have fond memories of them.

      Steven Doherty

  65. I am looking for information on the Fontana children, there were 5 of them (Josephine,Rita,Velma,Albert and Donald) They were at the Carson Children’s Home from 1921 or 1922 to 1931 or 1932.

  66. Hello all;
    I lived in cottage 5. There was was a great group of girls there. I felt like they were sisters. We made Beckers life a living hell. And for that I am sorry. We called her beck beck becker and made it sound like we were calling the chickens. Shame on us. Carolyn where are you? Peggy? I would like to thank the adults that tried to change me. In the long run you made a great diff. in my life. I thank-you all for the time you spent with us. Sorry I gave you such a hard time. But you did make a diff. in my life. And was able to be a better mother to my chidren. Look forward to reading more compents. sorry some of you had a bad experience.

  67. Hey, my name is Tonja, back in the day I was in cottage 7, and I dated rick jackson from cottage 3
    stayed there till I got pregant with Rick’s baby, not danny’s he was my little brother. chip and I dated a short time before rick.
    What a trip!!! brings back many memories, some good some bad!!

  68. I have 2 awesome kids and 4 grandkids patrick jackson lives in Carson city, does construction, my grandkids justin and raynea went to the old childrens home when it was the boys and girls club
    my daughter Tiffany jackson lives in moses lake washington works in the hospital has 2 kids tyler and lexi, tyler looks like his grandpa rick, plays football just like rick, justin races bmx in carson and reno as well as playing football this year for the first time, I am living in Burbank California, I have my own business, graduated high school, as well as medical assting and nursing asst. This is so cool, I have ofte thought about everyone, I went to the prom with dennis brough, I was just in carson city for about a month. didnt see anyone, hey ya all lets keep in touch,

  69. Tony Sears? i dont think he actually dated Beverly.. and i thought you went to the prom with Zephus hooks

  70. Wow!! I remember most of you folks…however I was a bit older than a few of you. And no Anonymous Guest…Toni went to the prom with me. Hope your all doing well and keep with the postings!!

  71. does any1 know what happened to the Richards cottage parents…Roy and Rusty richard? i know they are probably gone but i would like to know when and where.they were kind to me even called me when i was in trouble in the marine corps.they told my c.o.that they were my parents and they had a right to know my status..i remember you Dennis..werent you already grown and big when you got there..i remember you bought a car while you were there..wish i could find tereasa Buyers..has any1 ever heard that the councelar dude Mr. carter killed himself?

  72. I was in cottage 5, with the Osborne’s. I do remember most of you. HEY EUGENE-I am so glad to hear that you are doing well, oh my how the rumors fly about what you are doing. I do remember a story where you had snuck out one night and one of the relief parents made a comment that still cracks me up when I think about it. I would like to find out about Gary Hawkins, he was always a great guy when I was a very little girl and I went to Kindergarten in the afternoon and he was a senior and only went half-day, but we were not allowed in the cottages during Coffee Break so Gary would swing with me and pull me in the wagon. I don’t remember any of that CRAP that James is spouting off about. Perhaps he has been listening to Pat, Gayle & Kathy Reddick along with brother Roger.
    Sue Manning

    • Hi Marjorie,
      Other ways to contact me regarding the photo album of newspaper clippings of the Home is via mobile phone. My number is 704.651.6330. My best, Bill Murry

  73. I was at the Home in the old structure during the early to mid 1950’s with my sister and brother. My name was Margie Kinzey, my brother was Perry Kinzey, and my sister was Billie Ann Kinzey. I would be interested in talking with anyone from that time. The superintendents was Van der Smissen, and the Oxborrows. I am working on my ancestry and am trying to leave some kind of legacy for my kids to explain how my life was so different.

    I would really be interested in pictures. I don’t have anything of the laundry, bowling alley, dining room, or old hospital and there aren’t any surviving pics on the State archive website.

    I am a self-made millionaire and retired as a registered nurse from the US Public Health Service as an 0-6 officer. If I learned anything at the Home it was how to work. I think it took more effort to keep up the old buildings than the cottages. We had institutionalized laundry and dining facilities and all the work was done by the kids. I will say though, I never got a kiss, hug,or words of encouragement or appreciation in my childhood. In my case, it made me tougher and ready for the real world.

    • Hi Marjorie,
      My name is Bill Murry. I had an older sister Kathy Murry and a younger brother John Murry. We were wards of the State of Nevada and members of the Nevada State Children’s Home from 1948-1964 (15 years). I have a photo album that I saved from the Home when it was demolished in 1963. Some pictures are on my Facebook page, William C Murry.

    • Hi, Marjorie,
      I remember Billie Anne and Perry, but you must have been gone before I came. Billie lived in the same cottage as I did. She was two grades ahead of me in high school. Richard Little was the Superintendant then.
      She had a wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor. I am proud to say I learned some of my best sarcasm from her.
      I have two pictures of Billie. One was taken I think, her junior year in high school. The other is a studio photo she sent to me after she graduated and left the Home. She is wearing a pretty dress, white gloves, and pearls.
      I heard somewhere (I don’t remember where now) that Billie Ann had passed away? I would like to believe it isn’t true.
      Hope Perry is doing well.

    • Marjorie

      I was in the childrens home from 52 to 58 would love to talk to you about all the things we went through in those days. You can call my wife sharons cell and or email my wife at sharonmiles05@gmail,com phone 208=640=9720

    • I was born and raised on the island of Guam. My Dad owned a bar on the Sothern side of the island and he hired Jed and Isabell Oxborro (not sure is spelling ends in O or w. This was in the early 1970s. Their professions at the time were school teachers

      Could these be the same Oxborrows? If so, it’s a small world. I am sitting in an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Connecticut and just finished eating spaghetti. It reminded me of Isabella spaghetti so I googled her name and up came this site.

      I know that Jed died in the SAN Francisco airport. Jed taught me how to water ski and catch tuna. They taught everyone in my family how to water ski

      Would be nice if someone can confirm. My understanding is that Isabell remarried and their son (Jeb) lived on the island of Saipan.


  74. I was adopted in Reno, Nv, in 1946. My name is Karen Bahr. I believe my mother’s name was Sharon Kietz and was a professor at UNR. I lived at the Carson City Orphanage until I was adopted by Mable and Clair Bahr. My adopted mother was friends with Evelyn Little. My mother, Mable Bahr worked at the Wonder in downtown Reno for several years. Anybody knowing any of these people, please contact me. Also, Les and Peggy Little. I want to find out how to get my records from the Carson City Orphanage. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don’t have very much longer to live. My adopted mother passed away when I was 21 and adopted father passed away when I was 11. My mother Mable was raped and robbed of $10,000 before she left without telling me who my biological parents were. I am desperate. Please help!!!!!!

  75. Karen, try writing NV State Library and Archives, 100 N. Stewart St., Carson City, NV 89701 for your records. I was able to secure mine as well as my brother and sister.

  76. I was in the Nevada State Childrens Home (Sunny Acres) as a baby. I was there for two years until my mother managed to take me to Canada. Too bad for me. I would have been so much better off staying in the home. She was abusive, greedy and unkind. Then she married a child abuser and I was the “lucky” one he picked. Too bad to see the old building destroyed.

    • There is a big ledger, now located in the State Archives in which the name of every child admitted from the beginning (I think 1879; I think John Heinz was the name of the first child admitted.) until I’m not sure when or if they continued to record names in the book past my time. I graduated and aged out in 1964; My sister’s and my names are in the book. The ledger was available for us to peruse during the reunion. You might contact the Nevada State Library and Archives.

  77. is there any data base of children raised int he orphans home from 1929-1941? my mother spent 12 years in an orpahns home in carson city during those years. her paretns died ina murder /suicide in 1929. i am trying to find any details

  78. my name is deeanna lee beavers scheib i remember being at a cottage ran by teenagers prettymuch, i think something bad happened to me when i was a little girl, i think i was 3 or 4 i found out years later my dad was not my dad, in my late 30s now i am starting to have flash backs my mom told me years ago she worked at a sunnyacres, i think she really lived at sunnyacres orpghange, i know she is telling me many lies, i also remember being taken out of that loft cottage ran by teenagers when i was around 3-4 years old i then remember driving a long time , remember being in hospital with tubes in girl parts but yet my mom said she dont remember, i question that her stories do not ad up, i think i may have been a twin not sure will someone please help me find out if i was in one of them cottages, when i was young i was indian tan dark here , i had a birthmark on my left leg by my knee my mother claims she had shock theoropy treatment and dont remember the years 1972-1975 her name is vicki v howard a sister named linda l howard and she has a brother ron howard she was born in 1950 in michigan now lives spfld il where is live. i do believe something bad happened to me please help

  79. something i forgot to add i found my picture on a a missing ,murdered ,and kidnapped video on averyriver27 youtube 4 days ago i was 3-4 in that picture, my mother also came up missing years 1972 to the end of 1973 and then disappeared again until 1974, the names of kids in some of the cottages come up as associates of hers when i google her name, was i by chance one of the rapped children, maybe dannygirl or one of the other ones?

  80. Don’t know if I am in the right place. Seeking 1/2 sister, Christine Delores Sollaway. She was in Child Haven (Las Vegas)with her two sisters, Dolly Rita Hudspeth and Penny Lynn Sollaway in the early 1960’s. Christine would have been 2-3 years old. The three sisters were found abandoned in the Tam o’shanter Motel in Vegas and brought to the home. Dolly and Penny were picked up 2-3 years later by parents, Tom (Rheinhart) and Myrtle Sollaway. Christine was adopted by a physician and his wife. I am another sister (adopted at birth) and the three of us (Dolly, Penny and I) have reunited and desperately want to find Christine. Does anyone remember them? Can anyone suggest how to search for Christine? Thanks for your time.

  81. I don’t know if this is the right place, but I am searching for my 1/2 sister, Christine Delores Solloway. She was at Child Haven (Las Vegas?) in the early 60’s with our other two sisters, Dolly Rita Hudspeth and Penny Lynn Sollaway. The three sisters (I was adopted at birth) were abandoned at a motel in Vegas and brought to the home. They lived there 3 years or so, then the folks came and got Dolly and Penny, but put Christine up for adoption. She was adopted by a doctor and his wife from Nevada. We are desperately searching for Christine as Dolly is very ill with cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. Can anyone help with information? Does anyone know Christine/remember the girls? Thanks for you help and God Bless.

  82. I lived in cottage 7 with tonya and freida, beverly, gaylene, treasa, colby. I ended up marring rick jackson for a minute, we have daughter and son, I live in Carson city now with my new husband, really would like to get in contact with all my old sisters and brothers from back in 76. my email address is I would like to have a reunion just for shits and giggles.

  83. i do believe there is a little playing the roles of people your really not the question the others should be asking themselves is why would someone do that?…maybe they should think for just a few and they might figure out some of what is really going on here…

  84. My great grand mother, died of child birth complicationsions and left my great grandfather alone to raise five children, the Heritage Children. George Heritage worked for the Railroad and when he was on the road, he left the five children at the orphanage. George was killed in an accident in the rail yard in Oakland and the children were permanantly orphaned. My Grandmother Ruth Heritage, the oldest child, remained at the orphanage until her last sibling left and her name is Amy Heritage who was the first woman to graduate from the University of Nevada in 1899. What an acccomplishment, and then she married into the Laxalt family. What a wonderful job this orphanage did for my family. I have gone to Carson City to find this wonderful orphanage only to find out that it is history. I would love to thank somebody for the care and education of my relatives.

  85. Came upon this site by accident, whilst looking up the high school football history of Zephas Hooks.
    Seems that some of you may be under the mistaken idea that Zeph is a murderer-definitely not so!
    Yes, it is true that he is serving life without parole but as accessory to the crime ie. he was present when it took place, and in the good old Commonwealth of Massachusettes, everyone present serves the same time!
    I happen to know this because I worked in the State prison system for many years, and for some of those years, Zeph worked in my area and I came to know him a little. Understanderbly, he could be somewhat prickly and withdrawn, but he was a really good worker with an exceptional work ethic.
    Congratulations to the person who came up with this site-what a great idea! My prayers and heartfelt good wishes go out to every last one of you who has passed through this well meant, but obviously flawed system.

  86. It has been a pleasure reading most of the posts , and the ones that spell out some of the harsh realities of institutional life , for that all i can say is you didn’t deserve what happened to you
    so if o come off as heartless I do apologize. Abuse is nothing to be taken lightly and as one of the honest person in here has noted , it gets passed onto your children, and theirs. So i pray that you find peace , true love, understanding and a reasons to be confident in yourselves , and take that anger and make something positive out of it to possibly help others less fortunate than you.
    Some one had said that they wanted to hear about good outcomes and positive reactions to the stay in NNCH.
    I learned how to love there , I actually learned how to say no emphatically , I learned that even the roughest people have a heart and need to be cared for. I learned to love music. From the May Christmas party. The most important gift I received was a small transformer radio… OMG i took that thing with me where ever i went , when i went to sleep I would put the little white ear phone in my ear and listen to the radio all night. One night i had a dream that i was making beautiful music, with strings, heavy drums, just amazing music.
    And it wasnt until recently that I realized that that dream had come true. I play nine different instruments, I record and sing, i have had an album made in Nashville Tenn. have had my original songs played as far away as Melbourne Australia. I have done everything i have desired to do . Ive been halfway around the world, in the Pacific, driven big rigs , saved lives as an EMT went to college , finished high school at thirty two. But i joined the navy at 17 …… met and fell in love a couple of times. Have two children, ones going to be a neurologist. But I dont have a billion dollars, or a mansion, and right now i am disabled . But the important thing is I might be disabled but thats not stopping me from trying to accomplish just one more dream and thats to play and perform for a larger than 1,000 person. I can still play and polish up my passion. and until i cant any more that will be the day i die .
    I have had many friends and only a very few close friends . but all of you are my friends , and i mean close friends . WE all have a lot in common with a certain time in our lives where we were all together at the same local at one point or another in our lives. And that to me is awesome. So like brothers in arms we all are but a different kind.
    So let me share some of me with you . You can find my music online at MYSPACE under the title of “The O”Dohertys”.
    leave a note and let me know you were there .
    God bless all of you . I will be back later .
    Steve Doherty

    • Hey Steve your name sounds familiar when where you in the home; I was in the home with my sister from 80-83 in cottage 4 with Judy and Bill Routin (not impressed), my cottage sisters were the sisters Nicky, Brenda and Karen, then Heidi Ruff, my sister is Janyce, there was Grace and a few that came and went. I remember shawn from the far cottage cant remember the number, remember the Moores from cottage 5, brad, and a few others names just arent popping into my head. In our cottage as I have read on many others postings, we too went through some hell from our cottage parents but loved when mom peggy with her weiner dog, mom chris (the baker) would come that was our fun time. Remember hanging out at the playground til dark and running amok around the grounds with all the kids. Although I didnt enjoy exactly my time there looking back on it now it was probably better for me at that time since my mother was a loser that would just pop her kids off and on through the systems when she wanted personal time in her life. I ended up getting married at 13 to avoid going back to the home after the home placed me back with my mother of all things so she didnt have to pay child support to them (stupid). We had went back to her to live in Lake Tahoe only to sleep on the balcony that was covered in fibre glass in the middle of winter. I had two beautiful daughters they are now almost 23 and 19, the oldest has had two boys 4yrs and 3 months, sweet boys. After marriage I lived in Mexico for a year and half, then to Florida for 9 years, before moving back to Carson for almost 10 years, after divorcing I had had enough and moved to Los Angeles. I myself studied medicine and then added business and started doing consulting in Los Angeles, I met quite a few people and learn a lot while working in consulting and still lost in life did a lot of soul searching and of course after 9 11 I had read a lot about muslims as having met many in Los Angeles found they were not what was being portrayed in the media, well a couple of years after really reading about Islam I actually converted to the religion and the changes in my life have been nothing less than amazing. I know live in Egypt, am the Director and share holder in a large company here and travel all over the world on business and life is good. Its amazing in itself what all of us kids have gone through and yet how we turned out to be what we are today, good well rounded people! Well most of us, I do know there were a few unlucky ones. If anyone out there remembers me and wants to touch basis my email is and oh I changed my name to my Islamic name which is Malika Mohamed now. Hope to hear from a few of you.

  87. I lived at NNCH from summer ’76 to January ’79. (I was 13 when I first moved there) I had an entirely positive experience while I was there. I had the Morrells and Mrs. Miller. I think that was cottage 7. They were all awesome. I will never forget Shauna Urbano, Camille Zeno, June, Shelly, little Tess, Freda Hooks. There are many others. I am sorry to hear about the negative memories some have but, as for me, it was the first time in my life that I knew where my next meal was coming from, where I was sleeping each night. The first time I felt like part of a family. Good or bad, it was the only family I ever knew until I had children of my own. I became a born-again Christian in 1984 and my heart was healed and I am now, thanks to God, able to empathize with my parents for all their mistakes. I can be reached at luzseven@

    PS- I did use the phone number posted and I was able to request my things and copies of my records so thank u to the person who posted that! C

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  88. I went to NNCH in 79 an A-student at the age of 12 entered carson jr high, and I was there until my sophmore year when I ran away…I remember many of you. Barbara Winworth for instance…gave me my first romantic kiss (in the solitary confinement cell at alcatraz on our home trip) I am grateful to her for that wonderful memory. Even though it was pitch black and you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Most of the stories I have are not good ones, I remember a broken fire-truck windshield. Lots of forced boxing matches…We liked to run on the rooftops…hit the arcade (this was when pac-man was new…LOL) we drank alot…i remember a bunch of us discovering motion sickness pills and hallucinating…rick manke and his huge ghettoblaster…write more later but I just found this place today and it’s a bit overwhelming

  89. I also called for my records, the people were very helpful and sweet. I just got off the phone with them and the number above is not the optimal number to call if you want your records.
    Here is the more recent result of my inquiry.
    Nevada State Library and Archives, 100 N. Stewart St., Carson City, NV 89701 775-684-3310

  90. Looking for any info, i was in a foster home with 9 other children my foster mother was esther warren in nevada i had white blonde hair and big blue eyes I was adopted out at 18 months old dob 11/29/70 had a twin they say died the next day. Any information on this foster parent would be great they also had a fluffly orange cat.

  91. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER ME? Kevin Kleinworth I lived in cottage number 7 with mom & dad Lowery around 85 thru 87. I got the Lowery’s fired for beating me with a vac cleaner. Those were rough times! Mr Lowery told me that if he ever saw me on the street he would beat me to death. I’m 6’6″ and about 290 pounds …. still waiting for my beating!

    • George, I remember you, your sister, and older brother Sam. John Aberasturi called me into the office right after you came and asked me to take the three of you under my wing because I am Italian, too, so I was your big sister until I graduated. I remember you being nicknamed ‘Burford’ by somebody. I never thought it fit. I was roped in my by housemother(who thought I was antisocial) into going on a blind date with the son of a friend of hers. I didn’t want to go, and Sammy who was visiting said to tell the guy my little brother had to chaperone me on dates. Mom Whitely told him to get home before she called his cottage parents. I wish he could have come along. That was a miserable experience.
      I hope you have had a good life.

    • Also, George, I still have the school photos that the three of you signed on the back and gave me.
      I also remember meeting your mother, Olga, when she visited. I think I have a photo of her with one or more of you kids.

    • What a lovely story! You were there well after my time, but like me you have great memories of the old Home, and loved it, too.

  92. Potato Soup and a Caring Woman

    I can hear my probation officer’s voice down the hall from my cell in Whitenburg Jail for Juveniles. I’m cold; it’s always cold in here. Cinderblocks don’t hold heat very well, especially when you hardly heat them to begin with. I know Mary Joe is here to take me to my new home. I am scared and excited at the same time. I am afraid of girls my own age in situations similar to mine. They can be mean and want to fight for no reason. I have a lot of anger, but I never want to hurt people because it makes me feel better. I don’t understand why some people are like that. On the other hand, I am excited to have some freedom again. Though I am not sure how much freedom I will have in my new home, it cannot be any less that I have right now.

    I am waiting in my cell wearing my own clothes, the ones I was wearing when I was arrested in Oakland, CA as a runaway, and brought to Whitenburg. My shorts and flip-flops feel like heaven compared to what I have been wearing for weeks now: jeans that 100 other kids have worn that never fit right, and Keds that have been bleached every Monday only to be passed back out to whoever wears this size. I hear Mary Joe coming down the hall and think to myself that I need to get my shit together. I hate this place and never want to come back. I have hope that my new home will hold some key to unlocking a better future than I currently see. Only time will tell.


    From some time in the 1960’s until 1992 The Boys and Girls Club in Carson City was the Northern Nevada Children’s Home (NNCH). Before the 60’s it was an orphanage and a foster home for kids who were not wanted, but from the 60’s until it was shut down in 1992, it was a “juvenile correctional facility.” Not in the way you would normally think a correctional facility would be; kids there went to public school and hung out at the mall when homework was done, but it was a correctional facility nonetheless. It was a place where kids with “issues” were sent when their home life was so out of control that the State had to take over guardianship. It was a place that I spent a little less than a year of my life.

    I lived at NNCH during my sophomore year of high school. I drive by the place very regularly as my husband works in the Department of Transportation building nearby. Every time I drive by it, a new memory surfaces and I have to smile. I have not stepped onto the property since the day I was released from the program, on the last day of school in 1988, but I think about it every time I drive by.

    Most of the “cottages” are boarded up now, and though the grounds are taken care of, the place looks sad. There are no children running in the field out back. The windows are bare of all the things we hung in them to personalize our own spaces. The front porch, where I would often sit and read, is in desperate need of a good sweeping. The bulbs that were planted in the box next to the porch no longer produce flowers. The entire place looks a little sad today, but it once was a place of contentment, and the first place I ever really called home.

    Those months I spent there were some of the best I had in my youth. I ate every day, several times if I wanted to. I went to school every day, and even though I said I hated school, it was nice to almost fit in for once. I also had adults that I had to answer to for the first time that I could remember; Mom and Dad Moore Monday through Friday, and Mom Barbara on the weekends, with semi regular visits from my probation officer Mary Joe Ferrara. It was a structured environment, something I had supposedly been rebelling against through my teen years. But I loved it. It was what “normal” children had in their everyday lives, and it felt good to pretend for a while.

    Just a few days ago I was talking to my husband about some of my memories from those days. One of the strangest memories I have of that place is one from one of my first days there. Dad Moore was in his office, a tiny room off the front entry to the house we now all lived in together. He was sitting at his desk and so had his back to the doorway where I stood. I had a question, though I do not remember now what it was, but I remember I needed to get his attention. I knew that all my “cottage sisters” called him dad, so I figured I would too. However, as I stood there, needing his attention, I could not say the word “dad.” It was as if while my mouth shaped the word, my stomach knotted and I was unable to use my lungs to speak it. It had never been a part of my vocabulary in that way. I mean, I used the word when talking about other peoples’ fathers, but I had no memory of ever having a man in my life that I had given the label “dad.” I literally choked on the word and stuttered it out that first time. It was so quiet that he did not hear it and I nearly walked away, afraid that I could not muster up enough nerve to say it again. Nevertheless, I stood there, palms sweaty and feeling ready to cry, and I did say it again. I got his attention and asked my question, but I will never forget how hard it was to say that one word. As the weeks went on I grew to love him very much, and gratefully called him dad till the day I left.

    Mom Moore was an odd one. I think she had as many psychological issues as all of us juveniles did. Though on the surface she always seemed like a sweet woman, inside there was a control freak who could get mean if things were not just so. We had baseboard heaters in the bedrooms. Mom Moore told us that they were made special to draw air from all of our rooms into her room so she could smell it if we smoked anything. It was my first glimpse of the crazy side of her and it took a lot for me not to tell her I knew she was lying.

    Mom Barbara was our weekend parent. She was old enough to be my grandmother but “cooler” than most of the people I knew my own age. She was the first “grandmotherly” aged woman I had ever seen wear t-shirts, jeans and Nikes. Being in the system as long as I had been, I was used to seeing women in skirts and pantyhose and if there was ever a pair of pants to be seen among them, they were polyester slacks. Yuck!! Mom Barbara was a great friend and I will never forget her. She made the best potato soup ever. She and I would make it together every other Saturday. We would peel potatoes together and we would talk about what she had done all week. She’d ask questions about me and my life and she often asked me to think about the future and how I would like things to be. She told me I was a smart kid and had the potential for great things. No one had ever said things like that to me before. But we’d talk and laugh and she did this one arm hug thing that I loved. And the soup was always so good. All my cottage sisters were about sick of it. But I loved it, and if I thought I could have convinced Mom Barbara to have it every weekend, I would have tried. She was the first person I truly respected. I remember thinking after doing something stupid that she was going to be disappointed in me, and I remember it hurting. Realizing that I cared about an adult who in return cared about me changed my life forever. I learned from her that not all adults were like my mother. She showed me that there were adults that really did love me. And she taught me how to make the best potato soup ever. Maybe it was not so much the soup as it was the time I spent with Mom Barbara that I loved so much. And the one arm hugs. Either way, they are great memories.

    All of my memories of the Northern Nevada Children’s Home are warm and happy. My roommate ended up being my best friend for a long time. She was the sister I had always wanted but never had. Tricia Heartfield was about a year younger than I was and had the best sense of humor. She and I would talk about all the things we were going to do once all the adults in our lives realized that we really did know what was best for us. She was a lot of fun and I miss her.

    Christmas of that year is a memory that I will always hold dear. My favorite memory of the jolly season is of the night we wrapped our own Christmas gifts. The Moores had everything they had purchased for us in plain white boxes. They brought out one pile at a time and set them on the floor, each pile belonged to one girl. We would wrap them and the Moore’s would take them away to label them and bring out a new stack. We had been told to make a list of the gifts we would like to find under the tree. I asked for a peach sweater and Elton John’s “Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.” I remember wondering if what I was wrapping was one of those things. Turns out I wrapped my own sweater, but the Cassette was given to me by a woman who found it on a wish tree in a bank down the street. She had tucked a note inside that said I had wonderful taste in music for a fifteen year old. She said, “You must be something very special.” I could not remember ever having a stranger say that to me. I wanted to find her and thank her, but I was too afraid.

    I do not have a single memory of that place that is not a good one. I loved it there; I did not want to leave, ever. So why then, do I feel sick to my stomach every time I think about asking the people in the office of The Boys and Girls Club if I can walk through that cottage one last time? I have nothing but good memories of the place and the people in it, so what am I afraid of? I am not ashamed of my time there. I don’t care who knows about my childhood troubles. So where is the fear coming from? In that place I learned that I can be a decent human being, that there are people who care for me, and that I was never going to let my mother and her way of life make me anyone I was not happy being. I am me, and I don’t have to follow the horrid example she set for me. NNCH was a God send.

    Last summer, as we were driving home from an afternoon on the beach at Lake Tahoe, I drove past the place yet again. The sun was close to setting and there was a calm energy settling slowly in the air around me. Out of nowhere I had the urge to walk the grounds. I pulled into the side driveway and sat looking at one of the cottages lit by my headlights. I don’t know how long I sat there or what I was thinking while I did, but it wasn’t until my five-year-old called for my attention that I even realized I was there. “Where are we Mamma?” she asked. I opened my door and stood there for a moment. As I turned off the car and unlatched my daughter from her car seat, I told her that we were at a very special place. I propped her on my hip and headed for the cottage I once lived in. As we approached cottage number three she wiggled and asked to be let down. As soon as her feet hit the ground she was running to the field where I once spent time contemplating my future. And there she was… my future. I realized in that moment that my time at NNCH was all for her. It was there I learned to care for myself, and in doing so learned to care for others. It was there that I learned how to accept love and show it as well. It was there that I learned how to make a wicked bowl of potato soup that could change lives.

    After drying my tears and collecting my daughter I drove us home, and together we made our first bowl of potato soup. As we ate I told her a story about a fifteen-year-old girl, a bowl of soup and a caring woman.

    • Misty, your story is lovely.
      I, too, had a hard time leaving the Home, and from the day I, having graduated from high school, ‘aged out’ and had to move, I could never bring myself to go back but once (Christmas 1965) until the reunion many years later. The day Mr. Ward drove me across town to the live-in babysitter job I took to tide me over until I started at UNR in the fall, I cried for hours. It hurt so much to leave the only normal home I had known. Even though I was in Carson City for the rest of the summer, I didn’t go back to visit, even though Mr. Aberasturi had asked others who still lived there why I never came by. It wasn’t my home anymore, and the thought was unbearable.
      At the reunion in the late 1990s, I finally got the courage to ask to see the inside of the cottage I had lived in; it’s the one that faces Stewart Street-I don’t remember the cottages having numbers when I lived there. It was all offices then (and may still be) with no trace left of those of us who had called it home. Some things are better left to memory.

    • I remember cottage 3 well. With fond memories. I was there from 86-89 when I graduated.

      The childrens home helped me to know that there was a better way. Mom and Dad Moore helped me to learn alot of life skills. Dad Moore walked me down the aisle when I married my first husband Eric Eich that was in cottage 7 during my time there. Mom Barbara that was the cottage Mom on weekend was amazing. She made a great potato soup. I have nothing but fond memories of my time there. My bother was in cottage 5 I think until he got sent to Elko juvie. Danny Rogers.

      My name was Delora Rogers I now am married to a amazing man have 2 grown boys of my own and 2 grandkids of my own. I still live in Carson City and pass the place often. The childrens home helped me to get on the right path. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

    • What a wonderful, sentimental memory. Thank you. I do hope you have become a writer in the years since NNCH.

  93. Just wanted to post that I read the obituary of Thelma Trimble, widow of Leroy “Dad” Trimble about 3 weeks ago. She lived to be 94!!! “Mom” Trimble was such a nice lady.

  94. Ive been reading all morning. what a family. My brothers and I were known as the henshaw kids. My next older brother and I left the home in sept of 1960. We were tryoutfor adoption and yes as many of you I was very apprehnsive of the situation having been knocked in mid air until the wall stopped my flight. I ended upon my rear and had pissed my pants during flight, I was the ripe old age of almost seven. Bill brickman was hjs name and he thought he was the toughest guy on the face of the earth. before leaving for sunny acres he said,”you think you have it bad here;wait till you get to the orphanage.” I was another source of money for him from the state and thats all I ment to his family. One of my older brothers ran into Brickman a few years ago and asked me if it was o.k. to give him my address.? I said if shows up at my door , I will cold cock him and if he gets up I will do it again and again until theres no response. Sorry but some things just stick in your craw. I hated him with a passion! Anyway I was at the home from 1957 – 1960. brothers david,mike,eddie,bob{for a little while. Younger sister with a foster family outside of yerrington,nv. b rother david passed away 14 mo. ago. He had alot of memorabillia from the home. trying to get in contact with my nephew David jr and obtain or copy some or all of it.If I can I will post. Yes we used to spend 2 weeks of our summer at what snow harrahs club. We had contests which group could come up with the cleanest,fanciest cabin. I had a girlfriend there Cathy Walker(the walker kids) her brother stan ,was a 4.0+ student in high school. Always looked upon me as a little brother. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE CATHY IS? I had my 63rd birthday last sunday(nov 4.2012) have been retired fronm cal public schools for 5 mon. wife Crystal officially retires today. We,ve been married 32 yrs in march. 2 boys 36 @ 26 married once before. Does anyone remember mike Potter,or donnieor ron or eddie wheatman. or dadio,mommio. or uncle barney or the dairy queen or does anyone rember setting up bowling pins for the older kids ,or starting out on horseback when the sun came up, visiting the indian kids in school and returning about the time the sun went down and having trouble walking the next day! Does anyone rember uncle barney taking two bus loads to the river, spending all day catching crawdads. and the cooks cooking themup for dinner? does anyone remember uncle barney putting boxing gloves us and being taken to the gym to settle fights {last one standing wins) it was black eye swollen face mania) Does anyone remember dorm mom and dads getting out cataloggs before xmas and choosing any three items and the the ventrilloquist in the cafeteria during xmas day? Does any one rember the Dungeon? I spent several days there Dark,cold .and scarry Anyone rember playing bugle and marching in the nevada day parade and ending up with some redictulous trophy ,actually the leotards were a bit embarrasing. Just did some read back, sorry about the miss spelled words!! My name is dennis henshaw adopted name is Whiteleather both of my adopted parents have passed on, they were very loving people bill whiteleather was the only Dad I,ve known(sweet gentle man!! I had seven brothers and 3 sisters so splits ups were pretty much a given. dickie,everett,jimmie,bob,mike,david,eddie,myself, nancy, hallie lee, virginia. Bio mother Helen bio dad chester Henshaw ( lumber jack) stop for now write later anybody there in1958? dennis henshaw whiteleather,, 1137 lafatette st, colusa, calif. 95932 530-458-7583 have answering machine.

    • Hi, Dennis,
      I was at the Home from 1961 until I graduated from CHS in 1964. I never met you, but I do remember your brothers Mike, David, and Eddie. I am sorry to hear that David has passed. I last saw him at the Childrens’ Home reunion in 1999. He is is in some of the photos we took that day. I remember him being a jock in high school. He was a year ahead of me. Mike was kind of a roughneck, and Eddie was a bit of a rascal. If I remember correctly, Mike and David had red hair (the last time I saw David in 1999 his hair was white) and Eddie had black hair. I remember Cathy and Stanley Walker. They weren’t there for very long after I came. I think they were adopted. Their older brother Ray graduated two years before I did. He received an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point and graduated from there. He and I wrote to each other for awhile, then we lost track.
      I remember summer camp at Lake Tahoe and the wonderful Christmas gifts and dinners provided by so many kind people, among them the employees of Harolds’ Club and Nat and Jody Goldman from Las Vegas
      Sounds like you were fortunate in your adopted parents. I am happy for you.

      • Hi Madelyn, my name is John Ferrari, but I went by my a adoptived name Ron Rardin back then. I lived at the children’s home the same time you did. We never spoke much but you once did try to help me with my home work. We sat on the front steps of your cottage, but you gave up on me after you figured out, I was only there so I could talk with you, but you were always very kind to me.

        Ron Hines, use to tell all the guys you were his girlfriend, I would say, in your dreams and he would start laughing.

        After reading these posts on this site, its nice to hear that so many people are doing so well, and you have a wonderful life and family.
        My time at the CH were some of the best memories I have of my childhood, though I’ve never seen any one from the home since i left, I have never forgotten my brothers and sisters, and I’m sorry I never got to see and talk to
        Mr Aberasturi, I miss him, I wonder what he would say to me today. Their were so many of us kids how could he remember us all. I loved that man.

        I did speak to Linda Clifford some years back, sadly she told me that her sister Beverly, had passed away from cancer. I still can remember her beautiful smile.

        I live in Los Angeles and have a wonderful life and family. God has blessed me with so much and I share my life with so many. My home is like a cottage at the CH, their are kids and people coming in and out all day. and my dog Jazz is sitting next to me as I typed this.

        You may not remember me, but nobody could forget the smart and beautiful Madelyn Colautti.

        Best to you and your family.

        • Hi, John/Ron,
          I do remember you, and I am sure Mr, Aberasturi would have, too. He had a great memory. I saw him at the reunion, and took some pictures. He passed away shortly after. I have a school picture you gave me. You had a crew cut,which was popular among the boys at that time. I keep it with my memorabilia of NSCH. You were handsome with beautiful dark eyes that always looked sad.I have a great-grandson with eyes like that. I have told his parents that they had better watch him when he hits his teens. They will have to beat the girls off with a stick. In those days girls had to be careful of their reputations, so I avoided most boys. I thought that as a ‘Home girl’ most people in town would have thought of us as damaged and it would be easy to think we didn’t care what people thought of us. I did. I attended Catholic school before I came to the Home and I had the morals we were taught to guide me. In fact, three of the nuns who taught us came to visit after my sister and I arrived to see how we were doing. Sister Genevieve gave me a little New Testament that I still have. She was the principal of our school and one of my major role models. She died last year at the age of 92. It was the rector, Father Zavbi, who helped us to escape an abusive home. After 9 years of Catholic school, public school was quite a shock. It took me awhile to find my place, but I was elected President of Future Teachers of America and Secretary of Latin Club my senior year. There were only three guys that I trusted enough to make friends of, and they were there when I arrived in 1961. We used to go and visit Mom Matthews or Connie, the woman who replaced her in the office of the old building and talk about life, school, and, complain jokingly about everything. Ron Heinz was a wild one, and it was my sister who liked him. I would not have gone near him for any consideration, although, he, like the rest of us,must have had a sad home life, or he would not have been at the Home. I am happy to hear that you have been blessed and have a good happy life. Thanks for sharing your memories. There is no way I would have forgotten you. I also have a very good memory.
          God bless you and your family.

          • Madelyn: Let me know if you receive this. I haven’t taken the time to learn how to use the Internet or Facebook because I’m already busy with my wife and daughters and all our own “family chores.” I’ll wait to see if you receive this or not. John Murry (NSCH 1948-1966)

          • Madelyn: P. S. I remember EVERYONE and EVERYTHING from the time I was there. John Murry (

          • Hi,John,
            I am just surfing the web while I am waiting for my husband at the hospital and I found your message. I don’t know why, but there is no reply link at the bottom of your message, so I hope you will see this. I can be contacted at I am pretty tech savvy. I’m glad to hear you have a nice family. I have a photo of all of us at camp one year, because I asked for a copy of the Annual report for NSCH, and the photo is in there. My best to your wife and family,

          • Thank you for your kind response. my wife and I now live in Southern Nevada outside of Las Vegas on a beautiful 5 acre ranch called water rock ranch if you’re so inclined you could look it up on Facebook. I love reading about your memories and experiences of the children’s home. Particularly how sad you were when you had to leave The children’s home I had similar experience of sadness. Here is my email it would be nice to make contact and talk on the phone sometime. thank you my sister.

  95. My Great-Grandfather, Frank E. Eppley was here with his younger brother, Ellsworth from 9/10/1877 through 2/12/1879. Their father, J.J. Eppley was killed at the Hale-Norcross Mine on 4/25/1877. Their mother, Mattie Nelson-Eppley couldn’t provide for them. She remarried in February-1879 and was able to bring her boys home at that time. Frank was 7-years old and made the Honor Roll that same year. I believe my Great-Grandfather was very well cared for during his 17 months at the Orphanage. Frank went on to become an Arizona Territorial Ranger in 1902. Although it is 114 years later. Thank You so much for caring for my Great-Grandfather, Frank Eppley. (1872-1910)

    • Hi. It’s Emily again. It should be 134 years ago when Great-Grandfather Frank E. Eppley was being cared for at the Orphanage. My apologies. Emily…

      • Thank you for writing me. O was there only three months around September – December just before Christmas 1980. Mom and dad brooks, she hated me, I just wanted to draw and do my school work and was anti social. I did my best while there then my mother wanted me back Frank Allen but not my brother Fred Allen. I went back home, graduated from high school, spent 20 years in the Army and never looked back, don’t hardly ever talk to my mother and have a great life.

        • I was there 74-78, while it wasn’t my favorite place to be. It wasn’t that bad.
          I read the comments from others, but my only bad experience was from the other kids. Glad to hear you turned out ok and was able to get past those years.

  96. Hello to all of you who lived at the Home from 1959 to 1963. My situation was different then most of you who have posted comments here. I was lucky to have loving parents who decided to work and live at the Home. I moved to Sunny Acres on July 3, 1959 with my mom (Thelma) and dad (Roy) Trimble. Dad was the Senior Boys Counselor there for 3 years and then they became House Parents with the new cottages. Everyone missed the old building, the new arrangement was intended to be more family put proved to divide families as brothers and sisters had to make appointments to see each other. It was a fools choice to tear down the old building. I actually enjoyed having so many “brothers and sisters” as there were always enough kids around to dance, or play baseball or basketball with. My Dad passed away in 1994 and Mom just last year in 2012.
    Dave Henshaw was my room mate for two years we kept in contact except for the past few years when he moved to Texas. I cannot get a response from him. Chuck Marker passed away about 10-12 years ago, don’t know what happened to Ray Walker? Kathy Murry is an attorney in the North Bay area and is doing well, she loves to dance. Saw Bill and John Murry a number of years back but have lost track. Ronald Hinze scared the hell out of me while I was walking down the street in Reno way back in 1967 or 8. He and some other bikers made a U turn and came back up the street towards me, I thought I’m in trouble. Then Hinze yells out “Trimble”, jumps off his bike and gives me a hug. Last I saw of Ronny. There were times that I was left in charge of the Senior and Junior, of course I had help from Dave, Chuck, and Ray but the Kids called me Daddy Don. I had a great time there and enjoyed having static electricity fights in the parlor in the old building. Thanks to all of you who were there for making me feel welcome from the first day to the last.
    Don Trimble

    • hi don ,don’t know if you got my other replys. Im one of davids younger brothers I went to the old home also. david died in texas of cancer I had talked to 2 mon before he died. passed away sept 3,2011. he had A SON david Jr.who has 2 small girls. lives here incalif . 530-458-7583 dennis or crystal 1137 Lafayette st 95932. do you know what happened to my first love Kathy Walker, rays younger sister. david graduated from calpoly retired in oh 2000 we were known to barney as the henshaw boys: me,eddy,mike,david, and I think bob was there a little while.

  97. wow,talk about mixed emoitions,guess im still scewd up as the day i step on the homes grounds,which wounld be the only memories of a home i have it good or bad but.i was amogest 70 people just like myself.guess.and only those that were there at that time could understand will post my story soon

  98. I lived at the Carson City Sunny Acres for 3 years when I was 13, 14, and 15. Jed and Isabel oxboro ran the home. It was a wonderful time of my life because of alcoholism. My father died while I was there that was tragic but I had wonderful counselors and when I was 15 I was adopted and went to live with the dickman she wants a guess. I’ve had a Wonderful Life a wonderful fall happy love filled life I married well my children have done well in those three years at the Carson City Children’s Home for some of the best years of my childhood. I’d like some pictures of the old city acres if you have them. I’m right writing my life history and a lot of my things are scattered and old and not easily scanned in the computer. If you have those could you send them to me at 7:07 North Eagle View Drive, Alpine Utah, 84004. Is there anything I can do to help any girl that the children’s home needs a friend and is an orphan. I’m 17 years old so I’m limited in what I can do and I’m now a widow, but I would love to help the home in any way I can and I’m limited on money resources to but I would be glad to help in any way that I could small or large once a year on an ongoing basis whatever I could do. Thank you and God bless all those who help the children of the children song I’ve never been ashamed to say that I spent 3 years at Sunny Acres.

    • I am looking for information about my Grandfather, Jay Gardner. I don’t know if he worked at Carson, but I know he worked at the “boys school” in Elko, NV. My best guess is 1971 and prior.
      Any and all information is appreciated. Thank you x

    • I was born and raised on the island of Guam. My Dad owned a bar on the Sothern side of the island and he hired Jed and Isabell Oxborro (not sure is spelling ends in O or w. This was in the early 1970s. Their professions at the time were school teachers

      Could these be the same Oxborrows? If so, it’s a small world. I am sitting in an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Connecticut and just finished eating spaghetti. It reminded me of Isabella spaghetti so I googled her name and up came this site.

      I know that Jed died in the SAN Francisco airport. Jed taught me how to water ski and catch tuna. They taught everyone in my family how to water ski

      Would be nice if someone can confirm. My understanding is that Isabell remarried and their son (Jeb) lived on the island of Saipan.


  99. I lived in the children’s home back in 1978 to 1979, My name is Barbara Winward and I lived in cottage 3 for most of my stay than was moved to cottage 4 until I ran away from the home.

    • I was there from 77 to80 and I had a a good life there my sister sandy was in three she started bleeding bad and some girls help her shower

  100. wow reading these post brings back so many memories, some good and some not so good. I am very over whelmed right now with all these stories from fellow brother’s and sister’s that lived in the Children’s home.

  101. My sisters, brother and I lived at the home in 1976-1977. I remember we all did get separated from each other based on age. We didn’t see my little brother for months. Are there any pictures of the facility from those days? I have a vivid picture in my head of what it was like there. I remember eating alot of apple jacks for breakfast:) Are there records we can obtain about our history? My mother has passed and we would like details. Candy Guenther

    • Candy, you can contact the Nevada State Library & Archives at 775-684-3313 and ask for the archives division. They have the records from the home.

  102. My brother was Mike, very young then….Sisters Melissa, Kim and Lori- There 1976 ish…..Anyone remember the Welch kids???. I remember a African American lady who took care of us and she was mean as hell….

  103. I am looking for Denise Campbell, who, along with her twin brothers lived there in the early 70’s

  104. I’d love to have contact info for Mom and Dad Gay if anyone has it.

    I was in the NNCH around 1989-1990 in what I believe to be cottage 6. Dad Gay was a navy man, covered in tattoos, with chain links on his wrists (one for each trip around the world).

    They were very good to me when I needed it. I never got to thank them for it.

  105. I stumbled onto this doing some research. Little did I know that I would spend the next few hours reading posts from some amazing people that have overcome very unfortunate circumstances. One of the names that popped up a few times was Reddick and I knew that I had read something that connected that name to the NNCH. I thought some of you may find this interesting:

  106. Hello all of my
    NNCH family members, its been a while since my last post. So as the saying goes I’m back LOL.
    A few years older and still counting, but yes older. I was in the Childrerns home from the winter of 72, until the summer of 74. Its amazing that 40 years later I am still here on earth, not to mention i still remember my time in the children’s home.
    Some one mentioned that NNCH was a correctional facility , and she is absolutely correct in that statement, it was. Kind of a state glorified pre-Elko situation for the guys and pre-boulder for the girls. Some of us did well because our homes were ten times the battlefield than NNCH.
    The Employees there were themselves not perfect and some of them to had their issues, some shouldve never been placed in the positions they were put into. Some were savage and abusive, and some were just what the doctor ordered, and like wise some of us were savages and others just what the people over us needed. Some of us were throw away kids, and some of us were there because we had issues that were brought to the attention of the state system, and something needed to be done about that . I for one was one of those kids who had issues at my home, a situation that, with my new understandings, was being fostered with tensions and pressures, no parent in their right mind, would be able to handle and keep manageable.
    My parents all of them were the products of their dysfunctional famlies , as well as myself having that same unfortunate dysfunctoinalism levied on me. Some of my family members have these same tendencies, but not as severe as what they experienced as children.
    But child abuse has taken on a different form these days , from the extreme of “spare the rod” to “spoil the child”.
    Proper parenting involves a little of both , but the “rod” is and should always be used in discipline, and the “spoil” should be limited to the needs of the child.
    Fortunately for my children , I promised them they would never have to endure what i went through as a young boy the same day they both were born and I held them in my arms, and as toddlers its very hard to “use your words” to keep them out of harms way. So corporal punishement was utilized only to the degree that the state allowed, and didn’t pass into abuse. When they got to the age where they could be reasoned with that type of “discipline” was no longer needed.
    Just as an example even my neighbor, who was a cop , used his belt on his son when his son dissobeyed him, that was the standards of that time and era.
    Now a days we as a society have gone from one extreme to the other, children are no longer being “reared” they are being set lose on a society with no limitations set against them, no dicipline what so ever , out of fear that they may come to retaliate or that the learning from age appropriate “Dicipline” might scar them in some shape or form. Thus a more dangerous form of abuse has ensued, children no longer have any limits placed on them , thus as they have become adults, they expect the world, work place , friendships, lovers, authority figures, laws, to have no limitations. And those in leadership positions are looked upon as enemies .
    I ask does any of this sound familiar to you. In our youth a major change was taking place in our society, our religious beliefs, societal beliefs, relational beliefs were being challenged, the peace movement, rock and roll, the anti war movement, all in full swing when we were children. You want to talk about a parental minefield. it was really a very crazy time not only for our parents but our nation as a whole. And all that stress and turmoil got put onto us, via physical abuse, sexual abuse, and what ever else happened , it was placed on us in the extreme.
    I dont say these things as an excuse, or give any validity to anyones abuse of another. It is only reasonings, and these reasonings when thought of properly may and can help with an understanding as to what might have been fuel used to abuse children at that time. And help one to heal from those experiences.
    As folks have been abused there is one constant in it , and thats the attitude that “we” did something, we forced them to do what they did, it was our fault they did what they did. And thats alot of an abusers traits, to shift blame, isolate you from friends and families, saying that if you hadnt done this or that ,then you wouldnt be deserving of this beating and anger I’m about to pour onto you,into you, abandon you , whetever the case may be.
    If i can say one thing to my fellow NNCH family. It is not and never was your fault, for the heinous things people have done to you, you didnt deserve it , or do you have to own it now.
    The above statement, when i finally came to grips with it, it changed my life. I knew that I didnt want anyone else and wouldnt let them do to me anything that I didnt deserve, weather it was by mouth, physical or emotional, or sexual abuse. It gave me the courage to stand up to my abusers, and potential abusers, and say no I will not allow you to do to me anything I dont want you to , or dont deserve, yes it has cost me. My relationships have been rough , because there is something inherent about an abused person, unfortunately we tend to attract those who have in their hearts the capacity to abuse is even more, they can smell ius from a thousand miles away. And to an extent we will tollerate alot more than the average person, because we are tough, we have been made tough, but not buy our own choices. But by the actions and choices of those who did what they did to us. We are very tough and can handle all kinds of very difficult situations.
    So you may ask your self why in the world did he just give is a psycology lesson. Well because not only are we tough but we are changers, and shakers of this world we live in, once we get out of the shell and the walls of our abuse and our abusers. We find we can do anything , anything we set our minds to.
    So maybe in this midst of all of the negative and heartache , you might be able to like the Pheonix , from the ashes of your past , renew yourself in your mind and heart , and it doesnt matter at what point you are in your life, to have a more fulfilling and wonderful life , until its end.

    Always the best to you
    Steven Doherty

    Please feel free to contact me at :

    • NSCH was not a correctional facility when I was there from 1961-64. It was a home for children who were orphaned or neglected, but most of us did not need correction, just a safe and caring place to grow. Several of us went on to college; one of our boys was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point.
      Awhile before I graduated and aged out, we ‘old timers’ noted a change in the types of kids that were coming in. Many had been in trouble. I imagine the Home did eventually become more of a correctional facility then.

  107. Sue Manning,i remember you and your beautiful blonde hair,you were a sweet kid. Sorry to hear about Jay,we were pals. I still remember his birthday is May 1. The Rexs’ and Pat Riddick were the only ones that made that place hell for me. And i know its wrong,but man what i would give to run into Reddick today. I owe that pile a severe ass beating.
    I would love to hear anything abour Denise Campbell,she was my sweetheart while i was there…my first love

    • Found this page while doing a little research on the Southern Nevada Children’s Home, which I lived in cottage 5 shorty before it closed.

      We, the kids from Southern Nevada Children’s home are also reaching out in a similar way, just on a Face Book page. Mainly all of us are from the last generation of the homes existence. While reading your stories I feel amazed with a deeper insight of the similarities of our experiences regardless of the different generations. Somehow we all share a common ground. Your stories have been very helpful in understanding my own.

      Therefore, wanted to thank all of you for sharing your stories and insight. Most of you are further down the road in the healing process, where we are still working our way even in our 40s. Your stories and courage to share is inspiring and gives me the courage to no longer be ashamed our live in fear of judgment. I hope one day, maybe my story can also help someone gain a better understanding of self. Thank you again.

  108. I took down the nsch website as it never really had any interest but I did receive a number of nasty-grams about my comments here. I don’t have bad memories about the home, however I’m truly sorry some of you do. From where I was taken from by the state, the home was a big step up. Susan Manning – you have my condolences, Jay was a childhood friend, he and Richard and I were the closest in age when I was there, and we did a lot of playing (and fishing) together – we were all three roommates for awhile too. I’ll be remembering him in my prayers. I remember a number of you posting from the same time – God bless you all, and God Bless yours and take care!

  109. I was in this childrens home before it become cottages. Some of the best times of my life.

  110. I Milton Miles was in the childrens Home some where between 1951 to 1958. If any one has any information on some of the people still alive I would love to talk to them about some of the great times we had there, I was so sad to leave, it was the happiest times of my life as a child. email me any time its my wife email and she will relay it to me. I would like to talk to any one about those times.

  111. Iwas in nsch in 73 cottage 1 ( Head ) . Remember Edwards bros,kenny Hendricks,vicky & Carmen tobey, tim Jacobson,charles brown. really no bad memories but do have some good ones

    • Hi. I stumbled on this site when Iwas looking for a date for the cottages. I’ve spent the last hour reading & remembering. My story is very different but very much entertwined. My entire life growing up involved the Home. I had many friends there from the early 60’s until I graduated in 1976. My dad loved you all. People either liked us or hated us. Our whole family ate dinner at a different cottage every week. My sister and I liked 5 & 7 the best because we had good friends in both of those. After helping clean we could play outside unless it was Rec Night when we could bowl or jump on the trampoline. We were lucky to have been able to join my dad on the trips every summer and my favorite, to camp at Tahoe. I understand how my life was different from my friends at the Home but my parents taught us compassion by their work. Those memories are the building blocks for who I am today. Thank you.

      • I remember you and your sister and your father. I was their 69 to 77 in cottage 3 with the Bodines.

        • Jerry: I didn’t live at the home, but I came across this website and saw your name……we were really good friends and I cared for you very much. I remember good times but also remember the really difficult things you experienced. I have thought about you through the years and I really hope you are well. Remember Laura Kudryk and Ray Booth? Ray passed away a few years back. I would live to hear from you! Email me at

  112. Looking for baby sister and baby brother. 1947-8 for sister named Davie, late 40’s for brother named Rusty. The dale kids ..Billy, Warren and Judy. Parents were Bill and a tony Dale

  113. My name is Frank Allen, younger brother of Fred Allen, cottage 6, mom and dad Brooks. I was a good kid and a victim of a mother that felt she did not want us anymore. Yes, that’s correct, a good kid that went to school, forced to work and give all my money to my mother because she loved to play the slot machines. I was 16 and just got kicked out for no reason. When I told the police we where just kicked out because we had no place to go or live, My mother came to the police station and told them we beat up my sister. We did not do that and the police did not even investigate it, just bam, juvenile detention center in Reno. I had to plead guilty of something I did not do so I could go to the children’s home. I was a victim and survived. Went to Carson High School, got straight A’s, worked in that crapy hotel for $1.50 an hour and marked as a social outcast by Mom and Dad Brooks because all I did was draw and study for school. Everyone, the kids there, treated me great and I did my best to survive. I was only there for three months because my mother wanted me back. I went back, got an 8 hour job ,graduated from high school and joined the Army as an Armor crewman or Tanker. I then had a great career and went into special operations where I went to jump school Airborne and then jumpmaster school in 2000, 2001 the twin towers went down and I deployed with my unit to Operation Enduring Freedom and then to Operation Iraqi Freedom. I retired after 20 years in the Army as an E7 sergeant first class. I now do homeland security work, still do my artwork , my website is , my artwork is there. I am happy that I was able to get past the verbal and mental abuse I was tore up with daily by my mother. I am now a family man, have a pension for the rest of my life, married and living the dream plus both my kids that are now grown and graduated from high school know they did not have the childhood I had. They are not exposed to my mother or hateful people like her because I do not tolerate that. I wish everyone in here a great life and hope that you all know, no matter what, we are all people with feelings and mental abuse does not heal as fast as physical ones. if you want to write me or knew me. Thank you, Frank

    • I married a girl from there, Donna Fletcher in 1950. Anyone there at that time? She had a brother Richard and sister Joan. Our wedding reception was held in the old building. My email is Would enjoy hearing from anyone who might remember that. I knew most of the kids there as I spent much time there.

  114. Hi my name is laura speer, i was there from 74 to 78. I remember sue manning, vicky tobey, (for some reason she hated me ) i remember alot of the people who were mentioned. I would like to send my apologies to annette and lisa sims for being so mean. And to Erin dowling for the hair cut. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. You can email me at

  115. A new book was published in November 2016 about the NSCH 1942 – 1955 and the later reunions OF the 1990’s – 2003. The title? (Nevada State Orphans/Children’s Home: My Life as a “Home” Kid”). It is written by Bonnie Boice Nishikawa. She will mail you a copy tomorrow for $30 plus $5 for shipping. It has over a hundred pictures and “tons” of information for everyone. Her phone number is 775-882-4838. Her email address is Her mailing address is 601 Bulette Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89703.

    I remember ALL of you from 1949 -1966. If there is some way I can be helpful to you, you can also contact me at 775-385-4096. I sleep often but my Voicemail is always awake. My email address is and is vigilant, as well.

    I have recently tried to be in touch with Madelyn Colautti Leonard, Majorie Kinzey Eddington, and Don Trimble but the contact information I have is years old. Are they still with us? Can anyone help me to be in touch with them? I do not use Facebook. I have seen how much time people spend using it and I don’t have enough time as it is to do what I’m already doing.

    Do yourselves a favor and be in touch with Bonnie, okay?

    Thank yourselves,
    John Murry

  116. A new book was published in November 2016 about the NSCH 1942 – 1955 and the later reunions OF the 1990’s – 2003. The title? (Nevada State Orphans/Children’s Home: My Life as a “Home” Kid”). It is written by Bonnie Boice Nishikawa. She will mail you a copy tomorrow for $30 plus $5 for shipping. It has over a hundred pictures and “tons” of information for everyone. Her phone number is 775-882-4838. Her email address is Her mailing address is 601 Bulette Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89703.

    I remember ALL of you from 1949 -1966. If there is some way I can be helpful to you, you can also contact me at 775-385-4096. I sleep often but my Voicemail is always awake. My email address is and is vigilant, as well.

    I have recently tried to be in touch with Madelyn Colautti Leonard, Majorie Kinzey Eddington, and Don Trimble but the contact information I have for them is years old. Are they still with us? Can anyone help me with this search? Sorry, I do not use Facebook. I’ve seen how much time people spend there and I don’t have enough time for what I’m already doing.

    Please do yourselves a favor and be in touch with Bonnie.
    John Murry

  117. I was at the childrens home between 85-90 in cottage 7. Looking for anyone else who was there in that time to share memories and help me remember names of house mom & dad.

    • I was there around that time. I was in the front cottage by the flag pole. Was that cottage 1? I can’t remeber the name of my house parents but they also had a little boy. I was Amy Scott back then.

    • I remember mom Peggy. She would let me go shopping with her when she sat our house while the cottage parents were out. I lived in a cottage with an old white haired man and his wife in between two girls cottages. I hated it so much. The younger boys were always getting beat up by the older guys. Older guys were all on the football team in our cottage and they sure were tough. Me and Kelly Ortega showed the head guy the bruises from those guys but it didn’t help. Kid name Sean (McKenzie?) was in our cottage and he was the nicest and had been there the longest. He had his own room and would spend time with us and never beat on us younger guys. He really impacted my life by being that guy. We got caught smoking and were made to eat an entire pack of cigarettes. I still smoke to this day so it did nothing. I also remember being attacked by a bunch of kids out front of the gymnasium and someone sat on my back and clasped their hands under my chin and pulled back for such a long time I thought I would die. I have massive back problems to this very day. I guess it was 86 or so that I was there. One day at school an older kid slapped my girlfriends butt and picked me up and hung me on a locker. I grabbed a book and smashed his face with it and was sent to the principals office. He tried to spank me with a ping pong paddle and even was going to let me pick the color. I left without a spanking but when I got back to the home my bags were packed and an officer was there and took me to juvenile hall. I had a girl that said she was my sister in the cottage next door and I miss her so much. She was so kind and treated me like a brother and I felt so loved by her. I’ll never forget her crying when they took me away and I was so heartbroken. All in all the place did nothing for me as a person. I was never seen as the victim of abuse but rather an bad kid that liked to run away. I am a business owner and husband and father. Married for 20years so far and many more years ahead. My son is now 19 and starred in basketball and an A student and now is working at Amazon. I still struggle in my mind from all the trauma I endured as a child but all in all I am stronger for it.

  118. What year did Jed and Isabel Oxboro leave?

    I think they might be the same Jed and Isabell Oxborrow that Use to baby sit me in the late 60s early 70s.

    Anyone have a picture. My siblings and I want to know. Non of us are familiar with their history before Guam.

    Feel free to reach me at 2035542616


  119. iam dennis henshaw my brother david died from multiple cancer @ diabetes. he graduated from calpoly retired as a captain from the calif state prison system and passes away in texas. Don david talked a lot about you. eddie mike,and me were at the orphanage also. David has a son(david jr) they have two young girls and live near Monterey bay. he is a journeyman carpenter. iam 68 yrs old and lost my left leg in jan 2017. my wife crystal and I awe can be reached at 530 -458-7583 we have an answering mach so leave mess. wife cell530-301-8996

  120. does anyone know what happened to _______Kathy walker; rays” sister she lived in the old dorms and then in the cottages has anyone seen mike potter or Donnie potter I got into trouble with dadio several times

  121. I woke up this Easter with Bell’s Palsy. Now I sound as stupid as everybody thinks I am – I can’t use the left side of my face. But you know what? I consider my life to be very blessed.

    If anybody wants to write me please contact me at michael DOT corrieri AT gmail DOT com. If you can’t figure that out… well, I’m praying for you.

    We are all family and if there’s a reunion I promise I will be there.

    Live and love,


  122. When I lived in the cottages my name was Amy Scott. I was there in the late 80s and spent quite some time there until I ran away to Vegas with my adult boyfriend at the time, Robin Hughes. I haven’t heard from him since he blessed me with my oldest daughter who is now 26 years old. I have some really great memories of that place and some not so great memories. By the time I made it there I had been so severely abused that I was a very mixed up and very desperate young girl. I was a ward of the state of Nevada and unfortunately, the system forgot about young me and my youth was traumatic. God has always had my back and I am able to use my experiences to help others to feel not so alone. I think about my time at this particular children’s home and out of all of the homes and orphanages I had stayed in, this was one of my favorites. I wish, at times, that I could have trusted it for what it was and soaked up more of the joy that was possible there. If anyone remembers me, a young blonde girl who loved to sing and was super socially awkward, I would love to hear from you.

    • My husband was able to get some records from my time at the home and I was entirely off of the years I was there. I was there from 90-92. Right before it closed down. I would love it if someone remembers me.

  123. With all due respect, I would like to not see people repeating on these postings about some of the traumatic things that these kids went through before they got to the Home. At least leave names out anyway. I know they might have told this to you freely at one time as kids, but I don’t know if they want this shown for the whole world to see. I know it’s not any ill intent on the person that mention these things here though. If the person wants to mention it themselves here on their own, than that’s fine of course.

  124. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Cara Strasser and I am the leader of Sierra Nevada’s Girl Scout Troop 1951 in Carson City. Our troop, with the assistance of the Carson City Heritage Society, is earning their Silver Award by commemorating the Northen Nevada’s Children’s Homes. They have incorporated a foundation stone into their display and are hosting an unavailing their work at the Robert’s house in Carson City on 23 February 2019, 1:00 to 3:00pm. This event is open to the public and we encourage anyone who lived at any of the Carson City Children’s Homes to come and share their stories in our “story” binder at the event. We hope to see you there. If you are unable to attend but would like to send your story for placement in the binder, you can email it to me at (subject: Children’s Home). We hope to see you there!

  125. Hello!

    I am looking for anyone knows a Frances Cosner. I am her granddaughter. She lived in the Tahoe home in 1947 and then in the carson city homes. If there is any information i can find from that time frame. Trying to find her children to reunite with them.

    Any information will help! Thanks !

  126. Myself, my sister and brother were in the orphanage back in the 50’s. When the main building was sand stone and the hospital was in the back of the main building. After an earthquake put a large cracked in it, the hospital was moved over next to the dining hall. I also remember that the orphanage had horse and razor back pigs. My question is, is the orphanage still open?

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