Importance of Backing up Vital Company Information

If you think you can’t afford to update your data backup system, you should consider the price of downtime. One hour times the billing rate of every employee on your network. Could that cover more than the cost of a dependable solution that eliminates the problem of downtime?

Downtime tells its own story.

It tells your clients that you many not be there when they need you. Once may be forgivable. Twice and they might start considering their options.

What’s more expensive than downtime? Leaving your company exposed to the consequences of data loss or disaster. Over 90 percent of companies that experience significant data loss are out of business within five years.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes!

The time to put the right data backup solution in place is now. Talk to an Offsite representative about a solution that works best for your organization. With the help of our online backup solution your business will be able to defend against downtime, data loss and worse.

Try our online backup risk free for 15 days! Restore peace of mind once again!
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