Carson Valley Neighborhood Real Estate Search Tool

Greetings –

I have been busy working on a new section of my web site that I think could be very valuable to any home owner or prospective home owner in Carson Valley (I plan to do a similar section for Carson City soon).

Why is this tool unique?

If you (or someone you know) has ever tried to find real estate that is listed for sale in a specific neighborhood, you have probably become frustrated or possibly given up. Searching for a neighborhood (like Saratoga Springs or Genoa Lakes Golf Course) is not easy because the Northern Nevada Regional MLS only assigns properties to “MLS Areas” which are generally larger than any one neighborhood and sometimes will contain 4,5, or more neighborhoods – as most people know them.

As a “non realtor”, you can now VERY EASILY search all popular Carson Valley Real Estate – By Neighborhood. I’ve also added some other popular search terms to help people along.

If you read this, please take a test drive (there is no cost or registration requirement). If you have any feedback, please drop me a line so I can improve on the next community guide I plan to do.


Mitch Argon

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