It's Great to Live In Northern Nevada!

You mention that our market will recover in the future � how are you sure?

We believe that the reasons for the “discovery” of the Carson Valley as a wonderful place to live will continue to attract people wanting to move here and enjoy it on a daily basis. The local natural beauty is a joy every day � whether a beautiful sunset or a raging storm boiling over the mountains � it is simply gorgeous. We are ideally located in relationship to other Western States and we have a true Western mindset in our community � better yet – a Nevada mindset.

Our biggest faith for the future of our community, however, is the people. We believe the people of the Carson Valley are one of its biggest assets. A close look at the goings on around town reveal a consistent giving nature in the population. Traffic backed up and heavy � there’s the guy waving you in from the side street. Animal on the road � people will nearly wreck their car to save the animal and will cause a traffic jam while they get the animal to safety.

We were awakened at 5:00 a.m. last Sunday morning by the doorbell. It was our neighbors, Paul and Sue Brunnelle, telling us the sheriff’s office had called them reporting that our horses were out. Great! It was dark. It was eighteen degrees. Did we say it was five in the morning? The problem � we couldn’t find the horses in the dark. The neighbors didn’t just go home and get back in bed. No, they drove around looking for the horses, located them down the road eating another neighbor’s lawn, and helped us walk them home. All the time with a smile on their face and reassurances that we would find them that cold dark morning �It’s the people!

A few weeks back one of our neighbor’s replacement dairy heifers was out and on a busy road. A caring couple stopped to tell us, and we all went out to help the scared animal. It was nice to see all the cars, a busy road at a busy time, stop � and the drivers smile � understanding the situation. People also “stop” in the Carson Valley to help individuals and families in need � whether from health, accident, or life circumstance misfortune. The Carson Valley takes care of its own � every time. It is a true community of great people that let you live your life without intrusion, and rally to help those in need – whether animal, child, or family – when needed.

Our Advice: Real estate values will always fluctuate, but what is important in the long run is that the integrity of the Valley remain intact so the lows are higher and the highs dependable. We are confident that the People of the Valley will see that it does. The quality of life that is so dear to those that live here � and those that want to live here � is essential to the overall real estate values. There is no doubt that it will, in time, serve to protect local real estate investments � including those made in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Have faith � in the people.

Buy now with confidence. The many reasons you want to live here are exactly why your Carson Valley real estate investment is safe.

Experience is Priceless! Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, or 775-781-5472.


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