Champion Speedway is All Cleaned Up

Last year I published the remarkable pictures from the ruins of the Champion Speedway. The old reacetrack had been abandoned for a few years, and had accumulated an impressive amount of graffiti and vandalism. The city wanted it cleaned up, and the housing developer that owned the land was in the process of being foreclosed. Finally the bank took control of the land and agreed to clean up the area, and that’s the last I heard about it.

So I had some extra time today and I went out to see what it was looking like these days. Somebody sure cleaned it up, whether it was the bank or the city or the developer or whoever. The entire grandstand structure, as well as the little house that was behind it, has been wiped out and covered with dirt. The track is still there, all torn up, as well as the other concrete buildings nearby. But the whole place is a lot less of a public hazard now that the worst of it has been demolished. Here are a few pictures of what’s left of the speedway.


  1. I went out there yesterday briefly, being a race fan (actually I was a motorsport journalist for almost 20 years until moving out here) who moved to the area recently. I would have liked to have seen racing on that place — paved high banks!

    As for the vandalism… perhaps if the track were still in operation, kids would have something to do with their time, you know?

    Last night, I went to the opening night for Rattlesnake Raceway out in Fallon, and afterward spoke to a woman who said that some of their new facilities came from Champion Motor Speedway (scoreboard and some grandstands, if I remember right).

  2. I used to race at the then Silver State Raceway in the late 90s – that track was the place to be on Saturday nights. The crowds, the racers, the fans – what a shame. I visited the track when my daughter graduated in 2008 – it was a very depressing moment for me to see the track in such a shambles. One can only hope it’s resurrected. But since the developers couldn’t do anything with it and now the bank owns it?!

  3. Everone can thank the local residence and city for the closing of the track. They complained about the noise, but when they moved there, they were informed of the track, and the people that lived behind the pit area recieved free admision to the races. The mayor was even presented with a new track to be built out by the dump, but he was more into the V&T Railroad. The track was going to be used by NASCAR for major races like LV, bringing in more money( approx. 4-6 million per race) into the erea than the railroad will ever bring. Too bad it didn’t happen!

  4. During the seventies, my wife and I spent practically every Saturday night there during the racing season. Too bad the interest waned and it closed. It looks better cleaned up, but rather see it still open with racing on Saturday nights.

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