Silver Queen Inn Then and Now


The Silver Queen Inn in Carson City has stood for probably forty years or more at the corner of Curry and Caroline. In this photo they advertise the elevator, queen beds, and television. There is a drive-in check-in window it looks like, and everything is painted a lurid yellow.


The Silver Queen Inn has changed little over the years, although fortunately they’ve painted it since. But they’re still advertising the elevator and TV (now cable). It makes you wonder if they got rid of the queen beds.


  1. Telephoned per Craigslist advertisement for monthly rental offering price $675.00 and told as ‘i don’t call by Tuesday,give a follow-up call to inquire about room availability. Stayed at motel circa 2010. Lived in Carson City on Gibson Street for over sixty days last September 2017.

    Hoping to hear soon.


  2. Update
    Under new management..she is doing amazing. She is cleaning it up and looks like a
    Facelift in progress. It has a chance. With a new sign to go with it.. was a spot 20 years ago.
    Good job who ever she is..

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